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What Shampoo Can You Use on Dogs?

Pet owners, their love for the little ones, and the pet care everything goes hand-in-hand. Obviously, neither you nor your guests would like a smelly pet but what to do when one finds himself/herself with a filthy, stinky dog, and sans any pet shampoo? Suppose that you somehow managed to get your dog in the water, all set for bathing but you see an empty bottle of the best puppy shampoo you bought a couple of months ago. Oops! Bummer! What to do now? 

There is a reason why vets suggest you to use shampoos that are specifically formulated for your pet and its coat and that is, they are skin friendly and keep your dog’s coat healthy as well as clean. However, just in case you are running out of the best dog shampoo and conditioner then, you need not worry because you can make a shampoo for your adorable pooch at the convenience of your home. But before you decide on giving your pet a Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) bath, there are a few things that you should take under consideration. For example, your pet’s skin type, you should know whether the dog is allergic to a few natural ingredients or not, whether you shall be able to make a shampoo on your own or not because you can not take a chance with the right ingredients to be added in the right measurements, etc.   

There are a lot of questions that pet owners have when it comes to pet care, their personal hygiene (especially questions related to bathing their pet), etc. So, if you are also a pet lover or an owner of an adorable pooch and you have questions related to the right type of shampoo for your dog then, the following article is meant for you. It shall guide you through all your questions related to what type of a shampoo can be used while giving your dog a nice bath. 

Can Human Shampoo Be Used on Your Dog?

The hot favorite question of most pet owners and valid too. Many a times, we as a pet owner have been in a situation where we are running out of the best dog shampoo and conditioner in our bathroom. What is your reflex action as a pet owner in such a situation? Do you quickly reach out for your own favorite shampoo? The one you use on your pretty hairs? If yes, you need to stop then and there because it is absolutely a bad idea. 

No doubt, a human shampoo shall definitely remove dirt, grease, odors, and grime from your pet’s skin but is it actually safe for its skin health? Let us see if it is or not and if not then, why? I hope you know that a human shampoo is formulated for human hair and skin and that is the reason why it is known as human shampoo. So, how can it be healthy for a dog’s skin or hair? There is a huge difference between the pH levels of we humans and our four-legged friends and therefore, the shampoos we use for our personal care can not be used on our pet’s skin. There are a lot of mild to moderate skin issues that using a human shampoo on dogs can lead to. Now, even after knowing this, if you try a human shampoo on your pooch, you are sure to find your dog experiencing dry, itchy, or otherwise irritated skin. This happens because using human shampoo on your dog’s skin and coat takes away the natural moisture of both its skin as well as its coat. The higher acidic properties of a human shampoo ruin your dog’s skin. These shampoos can not only harm your dog’s sensitive areas but also create a fragrance that your pet would not like such as that of Citrus. 

Tips for The Times When You Are Bathing Your Dog

  • Clean basin, bucket, or bath tub :- You want to clean your filthy dog but the bucket you are making it sit in is itself dirty. Sounds ironical right? You would not get optimum bathing results if the bath tub is not clean so, make sure you clean it first before cleaning your dog. For cleaning, just wipe the tub off thoroughly with a sponge.
  • The temperature :- It is better to keep a sync between the outdoor temperature and the water temperature. If the water is too cold, the dog can catch cold and if it is too hot, your poor little pooch shall be in discomfort. Would you want this? Of course not! So, be mindful of the correct temperature.
  • Getting Comfortable :- This is not just for your pet but for you too. You getting comfortable during your pet’s bath time means that if you have to stand, there should be a mat underneath you or if you have to kneel down then, all the things required should be within your reach, etc. You can also have someone else with you to help you out. Imagine what an enjoyable task would it be if you involve whole of your family in it on a spring summer day! Also, involving many people in the task shall keep your pet calm and composed.
  • Being Gentle :- Yes! It is the key. You need to be gentle in dealing with their sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, face, and privates. It is better to keep soap away from your dog’s ears and eyes as much as possible. What to do if the soap accidentally went inside its eyes or ears? In such a case, you need to give your pet a break and resume bathing or washing when it has calmed down and recovered. 

Using Baby Shampoo on Dogs. Is it Ok?

best dog shampoo and conditioner

In case you do not have the best puppy shampoo with yourself and you have made up your mind to give your adorable pooch a bath at 10 p.m. then, do not worry because a baby shampoo can work the bathing task. Scientists suggest that using a baby shampoo is slightly better than using a human shampoo on pets and the reason behind them saying so is that baby shampoos have an appropriate pH level as far as dog’s skin is concerned. You must have seen in those baby shampoo advertisements that they are tear free and if you ever come across parents of a new-born baby they shall definitely justify that why those advertisements say so. We know that the pH level of a dog’s skin ranges between 5.5 to 7.5 and our eyes have a pH level of 7 just as a baby shampoo offers therefore, it can be concluded that a baby shampoo is relatively safer for our dogs. However, we would recommend you to take this option as a last resort because the fragrances and colorings in a baby shampoo can definitely cause harm to your pet dog. So, opt for using a baby shampoo only in the case of an emergency otherwise, it is better to go for the best dog shampoos that are especially formulated for your dog. 

Corn Starch as an Alternative

You can work corn starch on your dog’s coat and fur to do away with all the dirt and grease. The best way in which you can use corn starch to freshen up your little pooch is by shaking it over the entire coat of your dog. Also, you can sprinkle the powder all over its fur being mindful of spreading it evenly throughout the coat. You must be having a normal grooming brush or a comb so just use it to pull out any excess powder on the coat or your pet. It is true that home-made shampoos or alternatives to clean your dog can not entirely replace the best dog shampoo and conditioner available in the markets or on-line but you can surely use them until you have the appropriate alternative. 

Would Baby/Make-up Wipes Work?

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Your favorite family member has gotten itself into a mess with mud all over its body and you do not even have the best puppy shampoo. Ah! What to do now? I am pretty sure of you having make-up wipes or baby wipes. You have them right? Then, what are you waiting for? Just make use of them. Although baby wipes would be the best option because they are the gentlest among other wipes, in case of an emergency facial wipes can also be worked with. If you are not very sure about how safe it would be to use specific wipes that you have with yourself then, you can call your vet and ask for some help. Also, you can turn back the package and read on the ingredients and fragrances used in the wipes. The one with strong fragrances and harsh ingredients would not work fine on your pet dog’s skin so avoid using them while other skin-friendly or skin-safe wipes would be fine to use. Using wipes is although a quick clean-up option that would not work in case your dog needs deep cleaning. 


There can be no better option for giving your pooch a nice bath than the best dog shampoos. However, in case of emergencies you can try various other alternatives mentioned above but be careful about the skin sensitiveness of your dog and the ingredient or product that you are using to clean your pet. Whatever you use, it should not harm your dog or its skin in any way. Have a safe bath time with your pooch!

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