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What is an Invisible Fence?

You know that a dog fence is designed for the purpose of keeping your pet contained inside a particular area chosen by you. It provides a safe and secure system, having installed which, you as a pet owner need not worry about where your pet dog goes or plays. You can easily let your adorable pet dog enjoy its dog life after having installed such a fence system. Therefore, a cheap dog fence would ensure that you are able to complete your household chores easily without having to keep an eye on your little pooch. Today, there are various models of dog fences available in the market, and you can choose among them keeping the following factors in mind:-

  • Size of your pet.
  • Its behavior i.e. whether it is one of a kind that can jump out of the boundary or the one that can dig deep under the fence to escape the set perimeter.
  • The terrain of the containment zone.
  • You have rented accommodation or a permanent one ( that is yours).
  • The amount of space you have.
  • Whether the local government authorities would allow for a fence of good height or not?

These were a few factors you should ponder over to decide exactly what variety of dog fence would suit you the best. Among many varieties, one is an invisible dog fence. In this article, you shall learn about everything related to such a type of dog fence. 

What is an Invisible Dog Fence?

An Invisible dog fence is also known as an electric fence or an underground fence and is installed under the ground with wires connecting the whole fenced system. The wires create an electrical boundary which helps in keeping your pet inside the containment zone as set by you. These wires are connected to an invisible fence collar that your pet needs to wear around its neck. It is said that such a system of dog fences was first invented by Richard Peck around the 1970s. What he had in his mind when he was inventing such a system is that dogs often get hit by cars or vehicles passing by so, such a system would prevent these poor creatures from getting hurt. 

The Working of an Invisible Fence

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The best invisible dog fences have a simple mechanical functioning and operate on such a system that transmits energy between the perimeter or boundary set by you, a transmitter (that acts as a central control), and a receiver collar worn by your pooch. The wires installed under the ground actually works as a fence. They are placed three to four inches under the ground around the outer edges of your lawn or yard. The transmitter is the main component in the whole fenced system. It is usually advised to be placed in someplace where there is no other sort of disturbance caused by any other electrical devices or equipment. You can keep the transmitter in a garage or any wall of your home. The moment your pooch shall try to get close to the perimeter set by you, there shall be a warning signal in the form of sound or vibrations and this shall deter the pet from trying to cross the boundary line. If even after the warning signal your pet tries to escape the boundary then, it shall receive an electric shock. When the same thing happens with it, again and again, he shall finally learn that he will try to escape, he will have to bear the electric shock. 

Worried About the Electric Charge or Shock?

Going through the invisible dog fence reviews over the internet, you might come across people saying that they did not like the fact that their adorable pets had to suffer from electric shocks during the training. Well! As a pet lover and a pet owner the concern for one of your family members (i.e. your pet) is completely understandable and justified but you need to know something about these electric shocks or charges. People usually get worried that their pet shall receive electric shocks but the thing is, they do not know that these electric shocks are too mild to hurt your pooch any way. Has it ever happened to you that you were sleeping and somebody came and splashed a jug of water on your face? If yes then you need to know that the intensity of the electric shocks we are discussing is similar to someone having splashed water on your face. It just surprises and stops your pet at that particular moment. It does not cause any damage to the pet. Also, if you are still worried then there is one thing more for you to know and that is, you can set the amount of shock your pet shall receive. Yes, you read that right. It entirely depends on you that how much electric shock would the receiver collar worn by your pet shall receive and give to your pet. 

When you go for buying a cheap dog fence, the kit shall have a manual in which it will be mentioned by the manufacturer as to how much electric shock is recommended depending on the weight of your dog. The intensity of the shocks to be given can also be decided keeping in mind that how mischievous your dog is. If you feel your pet is misbehaved then, you can increase the level of shocks and vice-versa. It might happen that your pet begins to behave oddly after receiving shocks so, you can set the intensity considering what levels of electric charges shall keep your dog happy and confident while also, refraining it from crossing the set perimeter at the same time. 

If reading on to the invisible dog fence reviews, this thing comes to your mind that the electric shocks can be emotionally devastating and painful, you are wrong. For your satisfaction what you can do is, just hold the receiver collar in your hand and try to get close to the boundary or cross it, you will get to know the intensity of the shocks and this technique shall also, help you believe that the electric charges are merely irritating, not painful or devastating. 

Features of an invisible Dog Fence

As you know, the features offered by physical dog fences vary with different models. Similarly, different invisible fence models offer different features. So, let us learn about some of the basic features of an invisible dog fence:-

  1. The shock amount: Before purchasing, it is recommended to look for the amount of shock that the particular invisible dog fence offers. If your dog is stubborn and physically strong then, you will be required to give him relatively higher levels of shock whereas if your pooch is well-behaved then, you will need a lesser degree of shocks. So, purchase accordingly. 
  2. Battery backup: There are a few wired dog fences that provide you with the feature of battery backup. It’s a good safety feature because if in case, you forget to charge the battery then, this feature shall ensure that the pet stays inside the boundary itself.
  3. The interferences caused by environmental factors: It is important to consider before purchasing an invisible dog fence, whether the system is strong enough to bear conditions such as heavy rain, strong storms, lighting, etc. because if the system gets interrupted due to such factors, your pet shall be able to escape easily. 
  4. Boundary shaping : Keep this thing in mind that you want to provide safety to your pet and at the same time you also want to maintain the beauty of your lawn or yard. So, if the model that you a are purchasing, allows you to be creative in setting the boundary or the perimeter, it will be a feature worth considering. What this means is, there are a few invisible dog fences that need to be installed in a definite shape, For example, square, round, or rectangle etc. So, decide which one you have to buy keeping in mind the size and shape of your property.

Pros and Cons of an Invisible Dog Fence


  1. No physical maintenance is required, once installed.
  2. It does not change the landscape around your home.
  3. It provides safety as well as freedom to your dog.
  4. There are some places where local authorities do not allow for physical fences. So, in such a case, an invisible dog fence is the best option.
  5. It protects your pet from any form of dangers such as vehicles, strangers, etc.
  6. You can do the installation work on your own or you can opt for a professional too.
  7. It is a cheap dog fence as compared to other regular fences.
  8. You can train your dog easily.


  • You are required to check regularly if the battery is charged or not.
  • The installation process is not very easy.
  • If any other animal gets inside the boundary somehow, you can not protect your pet in that case. 


An underground or electric dog fence is a very good option to keep your dog contained within the set perimeter. It is effective and safe also deters your dog from crossing the boundary when used properly. You just need to install the system well and train your dog. Once the training part is completed, you can leave your pooch to play and enjoy its dog life. 

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