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What is an Electric Fence and How it Works?

An electric fence is used to contain pets within a vicinity. Sometimes used as dog fences it helps to keep dogs out of flower gardens and swimming pools. The system uses a small electric charge wherein through transmitters electric signals are sent along the wires installed underground. It creates a hidden boundary and sends a warning to dogs whenever they are too close to it. It works as renowned psychologist Ivan Pavlov’s theory of classical conditioning. Every time the dog would go near to the fence he would experience shock, strong enough for him to learn not to repeat it the next time he gets a warning. These shocks are stronger than the one’s from static electricity but not much harmful.

The Installation of the Dog Fence

To begin with, the area needed to be covered must be determined. Till 25 acres can be covered with basic transmitters if the area is large high powered transmitters are also available. Next, a graph paper should be used to plot the yard and draw the area needed to be covered. Mostly, corners must be rounded so that they do not confuse the transmitters as in the case of right-angled ones. The loop created by the wire forming the dog fence must be continuous in order to prevent the signals from getting broken. The transmitter should be in a dry place located indoors, for example, a garage. In order to avoid interference transmitters should be away from appliances such as water heaters or air-conditioners. It is recommended that the wires be buried 1 to 3 inches below the ground. It is not that it would not work above the ground but if it is below it can prevent someone from falling due to it and would also be safe from being cut with a lawnmower or trimmer.

Advisable: Wire be Tested Above the Ground Before Being Buried Underground.

Dog fences or the best invisible dog fences must be installed keeping in mind providing enough space for the dog to play. The distance is adjustable on the indoor transmitter. Some systems would work up to 30 feet from the dog fence to one foot.

best wireless electric dog fence

Step 1: Having decided the location keeping all basic points in mind, the transmitter needs to be installed and grounded as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Step 2: – Secondly, the graph paper plot needs to be referred to and accordingly, the wire needs to be laid along with the boundary set. When running the wire between boundary and transmitter, signals can be canceled for which the wires can be twisted.

Step 3:This step requires one to connect the ends of the dog fence wires to the transmitter and turning the system on thereafter.

Step 4: It is about testing if the dog’s collar is working properly or not as it should give an audible warning signal to the dog as it reaches near the dog fence. This is an important step because after all whole installation being done aims at containing the dog from going beyond the dog fence.

Step 5: Now that everything is working, it is needed to dig a 1-3 inches deep trench in the ground along the boundary. If the system does not have enough wire, extensions need to be used for additional wires. In such a case only that wire must be purchased which is mentioned in the manual with the kit. To join additional wires, both ends of wire need to be stripped, inserted into the wire connector, and twisted. A strong connection must be ensured by pulling the wires. Silicone caulk needs to be applied in and around the wire connector. The wires and wire connector can be wrapped also with an electrical tape if required (after silicone caulk dries out). If crossing the surfaces such as concrete or pavement is felt necessary, a circular saw equipped with a masonry blade should be used in order to cut a trench to accept the wire. (Safety glasses must be worn.) After the wire installed and re-tested, the surface needs to be patched with appropriate material

Step 6: To protect the system from serious damages it is important for it to be grounded properly as some such dog fence systems can be affected by lightning and sudden power surges. The systems come with complete installation and grounding instructions. Therefore, this step must not be missed. You can go for a cheap dog fence when planning to buy and install one but make sure that though being cheap, it is of good quality. Do not compromise with the quality otherwise, the purpose for which you are installing the dog fence would not be fulfilled. Whether you plan installing puppy playpens or heavy-duty outdoor fencing, a cheap dog fence is a perfect solution to keep your pup contained within your area. When looking on-line for the best invisible dog fences or even the visible ones, you shall come across many options but the thing is that you have to buy the best quality fence and this can be a challenging task.

Choosing the Right Dog Fence for Installation

best wireless electric dog fence

Visiting a market and looking for dog fences and then choosing the right one is not an easy task because most of the dog fences look similar to each other. So, to buy the best dog fence for your home you would have to dig deep into the specifications of each model as when you do this, you will be able to distinguish one model from the other one. Dog fences come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. There are ones that are portable while another type is the one that has a permanent in-ground system. So, what will be the best for you, depends on the needs and requirements of your dog. Here are a few details that you need to pay attention to when buying a Cheap dog fence

  • Quality of the Material: Always keep the purpose of your purchase in mind before buying anything. Here, in this case, you are about to buy a dog fence so that you are able to keep it contained. So, if you go for a material that is lighter in weight or is flimsy then, you are basically giving your pet a chance to escape.
  • Height of the Wall: When buying a dog fence, you should keep in mind the size of your dog because if the height of the dog fence is less than that of your dog, it will be easier for your dog to jump out of the fencing. So, install taller fences if your dog is relatively taller and shorter fences in case you have a small puppy.
  • The Space and Shape of the Fence: Your dog will definitely grow as time passes and thus, the space required by him will also grow. So, installing a small fence or playpen might become a problem for your dog when it grows. Therefore, it is better to have a fence installed that provides enough room for your dog. Otherwise, you would have to install a new one when the pup grows and you will ultimately end up spending more money and wasting your time.
  • Safety: The whole idea of installing a cheap dog fence is to keep your dog safe. Therefore, you should opt for a fence that stands strong from the ground, or else, you can also go for a model that has an interlocking design, this will help in preventing it from falling over again and again.

Below are a few options of Dog Fences that you may try

IRIS 8-Panel Exercise Pen: It is made up of heavy-duty plastic and you can use it anywhere. You can use it outdoors as it is durable and weather resistant. Also, it can be used indoors as has rubber feet to protect the floors of your beautiful home. It has 8 panels and provides around 21 square feet of space. It also has a small door so you can easily go inside and come out without having to take it here and there.

Best Pet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen: It is strong as it is made up of steel thus, preventing rusting and corrosion. The height of this dog fence is 40 inches.

MidWest Folding Metal Exercise Pen: When looking for a cheap dog fence, this is the best option that you can go for. It provides 16 square feet of space for your dog and you can even use it to bridge two separate compartments for two individual dogs.

Tenax Pet Fence: This is made up of plastic and you can for it if you are searching for a dog fence that is more permanent and less obstructive. It is easy to install but you would need to have zip ties or staple guns.

Portable Folding Safety Fence: It is 29 inches tall and is easy to install as you shall get adhesive hooks to install it. Also, you can easily assemble it but it is not retractable so, you would have to measure the size of your dog first before buying this dog fence. The best thing about this dog fence is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is not much expensive also and shall cost you around $11.

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