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Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

The Pet Union PT0Z1 collar is totally water-resistant and is very much high in demand especially by young dog owners. The collar comes with a remote and monitor which has four different types of training modes for stimulation. The collar has an audio warning which will warn him before getting a shock or zap. This Pet Union collar will surely correct his behavior.

  • Last long: The battery is of lithium-ion has gets charged quickly which is a lifesaver. And will also conserve the battery of both the receiver and transmitter when not in use.
  • Training modes: The training mode will correct your dog’s aggression, sitting and walking in the wrong places, and also will change his behavior for good.
  • Comfortable:The collar is very soft and comfortable and doesn’t itch the dog’s skin. It has a 1-100 level of static stimulation which can be easily adjusted as per your dog’s temperament and behavior.


  • Has blue light at the back
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Four modes of shock


  • The transmitter comes with an auto-sleep function

Final Verdict

Product Features

  • Package Dimensions : 7.64 x 5.91 x 1.89 inches; 13.4 Ounces
  • Date First Available: July 30, 2019
  • Manufacturer: Pet Union
  • Best Sellers Rank: #5,392 in Pet Supplies [See Top 100 in Pet Supplies]
  • #36 in Dog Training Collars

A purchaser said, ‘ I had bought this collar 3 years ago and I really wanted to write a review on it. So this Pet Union collar has performed wonderfully. My dog weighs more than 100lbs and this collar perfectly fits her neck. The remote has a pretty good range as well and I rarely use the vibrate mode for my dog. The clips that held the collar broke off when I grabbed her by the collar, so I used zips instead of that. Due to that, the charging of the unit was difficult but it worked for a few months.

I called up the company and the person asked me some questions related to my issues. And he asked me for a short video clip in which I had to show the problems I was facing. The company replaced the old one and I dint even had to pay extra money for it. I was literally blown away! The clips that are on the collar are more stable and firm, and I also got 3 pairs of clips with it too. The charging port is now at the base and now it gets charged easily. Also, it prevents it from getting damaged by water as well, which is a good thing. The unit which Irecentlygot is water-resistant and has a 1000-1200ft range. The company also has a much bigger collar and the material of the collar is of nylon, so it stretches easily. The product is very solid and works great!

Another reviewer said, ‘ I have a Husky and lab mix type of dog. And I’ve been having him with me for a long time now. Now the combination he has is not right. Honestly, he is bipolar. Sometimes my dog listens to very obediently and at times he does whatever he feels like doing. I feel good that I live on a farm, if I lived in a city he would have run all over the place and that would have made it more hard for me to find him in the surrounding area. Even if I give my dog an entire day’s meal, he still is hungry. Sometimes when he’s hungry, he goes down running near the garbage bin, and gobbles down the leftover food items. At times he even chews a wooden table and his soft toys. Now I don’t keep anything near him. I have tried all types of treatment for him, but nothing worked. My dog acts more like a street dog than any normal dog. He doesn’t really care! I had spent six-seven months training him. At first, I had to give up, because neither that worked. The only option I had was buying an e-collar because a regular collar won’t work for him. My dog loves to run a lot and like rolling all over the ground. 

My dog is devious. So after the e-collar arrived I started training him as soon as possible. The device has a light on the collar to see at night. And has four modes. I put this collar on my dog’s neck in the morning and remove it at night. I mostly use the vibration sound and the elves can be easily adjusted. The sound given by the collar is quite loud enough and can be easily heard. So when my dog is in husky mode, he starts running, pulling over. At first, I started with the audible mode then I hoped on to the vibrate mode. So I went from the lowest level to the highest one. It didn’t work, so I gave him a shock, that’s when he stopped and paid attention to my commands. Now he listens, if I say him sit, he sits down, if Isay to him to walk, he walks. I think the shock mode worked much better for him because the other ones were very easy peasy on his skin and he dint felt anything. We spent the entire day walking and going places, many people and dogs passed by us but he didn’t bark or run away. Now things have been much better than before. If he starts yelling or running, all I do is give him a shock and comes back to being normal and obedient. Shocking him is not needed anymore, because now he gets what I’m saying. 

The Pet Union PTOZ1 Training collar came with an extra additional collar, which had small holes on it and the material was more of a mesh. The second collar was more easy to assemble. Although all the other features were the same and fit my dog. I put this collar every time on my dog’s neck whenever we’re set to go out. The outer cover of the collar is comfortable for my husky and lab mix dog. And the LED light works just fine at night. So as you can see am very pleased with the product. I’ll surely recommend my neighbors and friends who have a rambunctious dog, must buy this e-collar because it is so versatile and amazing. All the features and the look of the collar, the design were on point and I don’t have any bad thing to say about this Pet Union PTOZ1 dog training collar.

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