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K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

Because they don’t have to struggle while lying down on the ground. You dcould assemble snf as well dissemble it whenever needed. The bed can hold upto 150 pounds. The material of the bed is in good quality, it repels moisture, model, mildew etc. Cleaning the bed is easy, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth or could dust it too!

  • Waterproof: The outer covering of the bef is waterproof, which makes it easy to clean the bed. If your dog pee on it accidentally, then all you have to do is throw it in the machine to wash.
  • Durable: The k&h bed is very durable and has a good amount dtrenght.It can hold upto 150-200 pounds.
  • Chew-proof: The bed is made up of chew proof material, so if a dog has a habit of chewing all things, then this one is just for him!
  • Pet friendly: The bed is pet friendly, and is high quality material. These high raised beds keep your dog cool with the help of its mesh venter.


  • Fully water-resistant
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Chew-proof
  • Pet safe fabric


  • Not preferred for large/giant sized dogs
  • Doesn’t has a soft touch/fabric
  • It is not an orthopaedic bed
best large dog beds 

The K&H Elevated Dog bed is durable and long-lasting. This bed has a denier fabric and also the pets will stay cool in this. It is attached with non-skid rubber feet and lasts for a year. This bed is ideal for the dogs which have a very bad chewing habit because this bed can’t be ripped off! Cool isn’t it? It has a breathable mesh and the cover can be changed many times within a day. So these types of beds are slightly high raised and are suitable for medium-sized dogs provided with soft fabric. It can handle a dog weighing 25 pounds. It feels soft on the skin and can be reused. Standard beds are ideal for Great Dane and Irish Setter.

The bed keeps your pet cool and this simple and classy hammock is a perfect fit for summer season and spring season. The pet-friendly hammock net can be used outdoors as well as indoors. You can also take this along with you while travelling, camping, picnicking, and many more. This bed is available in four sizes so any of your pets, be it small, medium, large they all could fit on it easily and comfortably. This type of k&h bed allows air to flow easily. It is made up of a breathable mesh which allows the warm body to stay cool by letting the air get beneath your pet body. Pets sleeping on the bed are much better than they sleeping on the cold floor.

Additional Features

The k&h brand offers beds in different sizes,colors and also replacement covers for the beds. The standard beds are ideal for your pet to stay cool in warm summer months. These beds are available in four sizes, while assembling or disassembling it, no tools of equipments will be necessary.

This bed is light enough and you could also place it wherever you want either in the house or outside. This k&h bed is water resistant , also the bed is of denier fabric. The rubber or wood feet are attached to the bed heels and protect the surfaces of the floor. The bed is not thick, but it is quite durable and can hold upto 200 pounds.

Product Features

  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 31.75 x 3 inches; 4.27 Pounds
  • Item Model Number: 100539741
  • Date First Available: March 8, 2019
  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet
  • ASIN: B07 PJ7W SQD
  • Best Sellers Rank: #2,292 in Pet Supplies [ See Top 100 in Pet Supplies]
  • #42 in Dog Beds

Final Verdict

Most of the reviewers said that this bed is very easy to assemble as well as very easy to clean. And she also said that my sll the three dogs love it a lot! The bef is comfy and soft enough. Another reviewer said that this bed is just the same as when I bought it first, it shows no sign of sagging or bending down to the floor, or you might fear that these kinds of beds will tear up easily. The bed includes a non skid rubber foot to protect your dog from accidents.

The cover is removable as well as machine washable. K&H brand vives one year of warranty, but my one lasted for almost three years! These types of beds are safe of all ages.The size of nef is 25 x 32 x inches. One more reviewer said that my dog paces around frantically at night.  For a few months my dog had a surgery, so I wanted to buy something on which he could relax and be at peace. So finally I thought of buying him a bed. As soon as I bought it, my dog felt so comfortable on the mesh provided by k&h. It was almost like a magic. I was really content that I bought this standard bed for him. And my dog is accelerated too!

The bed is firm and has a sturdy frame to it. It gives relief to the pressure points and back bond area as well. Also you can carry anywhere with you. The bef is available in different sizes according to your dog. It has four stable rod-like legs which are made of iron, and has a soft mesh fabric above it. You can remove the iron rod legs anytime and put it back again too.

The largest bed can hold upto sixty eight kgs. The breathable mesh gives a cooling sensation  to your pet on sunny days. The design is simple and the frame is carved from the corners. Also the bed is very safe to use as well. The bed is light in weight and you can wash the bed cover/exterior cover through tap water, if any dirt gets placed on it. The bed is of cot style. The bef is not like the other one, this bed doesn’t give warmth like the other beds do. It is made for dogs to feel cool and dry.  This bed isn’t just a waterproof or resissr bed but also keeps your dogs safety in mind. This type of bed is ideal for outdoor activities.

These beds are easy to clean and wash as compared to other nully and cozy beds available in the market. Because for this you need to just clean it with some dishwashing soap and the hose. And it gets all cleaned! While it’s difficult to clean the other furry ones. These types of beds are basically hammock for dogs to relax.

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