How to stop dogs from licking their wounds without a collar
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How to Stop Dog Licking Wound without Collar?

We have seen our pets licking themselves a lot from time to time, and sometimes they are just fixated on a particular spot, so have we ever wondered why they do that? If we start pondering over it, there can be many reasons behind their licking behavior. We will talk about How to stop dogs from licking their wounds without a collar

When dogs come back from a walk, many believe that their dogs lick themselves to clean their body from the dirt, and it is their way of grooming themselves. Or, they could purely lick themselves out of boredom. It is stated that it is more common for a dog to lick itself when he or she is suffering from some allergy. Infection from fungus, bacteria, or parasites can cause itchiness among dogs that, in turn, leads to licking. Dry skin can cause discomfort to many dogs, making their body itchy sometimes, which could also make them lick their coat a lot. 

Dogs who have had surgery or been in an accident tend to lick themselves more often to calm or soothe them from that pain.

Possible Ways to stop your dog licking

Dog Licking Wounds

The above were the most common reasons why a dog continually licks itself. But, is it safe for them? Should we allow them to do so? The answer will be no, it is not always safe. Instead of allowing them to let be, one should find solutions to deal with this licking habit of their dogs. One must not blindly ignore their dog’s excessive licking by believing that saliva has antibacterial properties and that it won’t cause any harm. 

So, let’s get some facts straightened. The truth is that saliva does have some antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and the process of dogs licking themselves releases endorphins that are their body’s natural pain killer and help in soothing their pain. But still, it is not a treatment that is considered by veterinarians. In fact, licking is a big “no” when the dog is injured or has wounds on his body, or has undergone some recent surgeries.

Excessive licking on the wounded area or where the surgery has happened will lead to its slow healing. Also, there are more chances of the wound being re-opened or getting even more bruised than before because of the constant licking. When the healing process of a dog gets hindered by their habit of continuous licking, the wounds become even more susceptible to new infections. And, hence you would need to pay a second visit to your vet regarding this. Therefore, stopping your dogs from doing that will help you a lot.

Dogs licking themselves to an extreme level can lead to hot spots. Hot spots are areas where a dog’s skin and fur is missing. These hot spots further can lead to fungal or bacterial infection. And, we can help them to prevent anything from getting much worse.

There are many ways and tools that one can adopt or use to avert their dogs from licking their wounds. We have made a list of all the possible solutions for this problem with the purpose of providing help to all the dog owners along with best products.

  • No-Lick Strips:
    These strips are applied once the wound has been covered with a gauze. This product helps in deterring licking of a particular area of the body. The strips deliver a static charge whenever a dog licks them, thus making them halt and giving their wounds the desired time to heal. You could check out Nurtured Pets Anti-lick Strip prevent for your canine.
  • No-lick spray:
    They have the same purpose of preventing dogs from licking their wounds or chewing the bandages that are covering them. Apply this spray on the bandaged area. This spray has a weird, disgusting taste that stops dogs from their habit of licking. A dog will not dare to lick his bandage again because of the horrible taste of the spray. One of the best products that are effective is Bitter Cherry spray from Vet’s Best.
  • Dog sleeves:
    They are available in pet shops and online. They offer double protection from excessive licking of dogs with its waterproof resist material. These are tubular sleeves making it easier for the dogs to wear and remove it. Its material is gentle on the dog’s skin and is very comfortable for them. If you are planning to order it online, do not forget to check this Suitical Recovery Sleeve Dog. The more you view different products, the best one you will choose from them.
  • Dog boots:
    Suitable when a dog has injured its legs. One may need to be careful about the size of the boot they are going to buy for their dog. It is perfect for covering the bandaged area and can be donned solely too.
  • A neck brace:
    It can come as a little help to prevent dogs from licking themselves, as it would restrict their neck movement to some extent. Also, they are comparatively safer than Elizabethan collars.

Are you aware that there are surgical suits for dogs who have just undergone one? You could always check them out too. Or, you could simply opt for a T-shirt or onesie for your dog. They give full body protection and prevent dogs from licking their skin or wounds.

You will have a wide range of options if you are opting for onesies. All the online and local pet stores will have colorful and patterned onesies that will look adorable on your furry ball.

So, these were products that would be helpful and effective against the licking habit of dogs.

How is one supposed to deal with them?

Stop dog wound licking

For that, there are several medications available to cope with it. Like for example, Benadryl is prescribed by vets for dogs with allergies. Parasite infections can be cured with the constant use of topical products. Many brands are selling these topical products in the form of either wipes, spray, or ointments. Various shampoos are also out there in the stores or online that are effective against fungal and yeast infections.

Treating the wound properly before using a product to prevent them from licking is also of utmost importance. So keep the following points in mind while taking care of your pet:

  • Clean the wounded region with a bar of soap or medicine that is prescribed by a vet and then bandage it properly.
  • Always purchase the right size and material of bandage. After proper wrapping of the wound, secure it with surgical tape so that it remains intact.
  • A pet owner must regularly change their canine’s bandage to avoid any risk of moisture affecting it.
  • If there is foul-smelling pus, swelling, or soreness, go to a vet for a check-up.
  • Make sure that the wound is dry all the time, and be extra careful while bathing the dogs.
  • Many believe that distracting a dog from his or her injury helps them. By diverting their minds to something else, they will no longer have an urge to check up on their wounds from time to time. For example, give them their treasured stuffed toy to play with or engage them in some kind of game. One could hide his pet’s favorite snack at various spots in the house and let them find it. It will not only keep them out of boredom, but will also help them not be sad because of their injury. To sum it up, one should spend a lot of time with their injured pets whenever they are free at home.

Final Words

We have an idea for all the dog owners. Why don’t you prepare a first aid kit specifically for your dog’s needs? Include all dog care products that are necessary or are prescribed by a veterinarian for them. It will be useful as all the things would be in one place and thus making it handy too.

Our pets, our dogs become our companions. It is our responsibility to look out for them. They might believe that their licking or, more specifically, their saliva provides them with a sense of relief. But, who will tell them that more than having benefits, it can cause them problems? It is where we need to help them realize this. By adopting various methods and using several products to prevent them from indulging in their habit. This way, they will sooner or later realize that licking their wounds is not safe, and they need to let their bruise be for faster healing.

Wait! You know there is an exception when you allow your dogs to lick? Yes, there is, but not themselves. It is said that dogs tend to lick those people a lot whom they are fond of, it is their way of showing affection. So, when your pup jumps on you suddenly and starts licking your face, that means he is being affectionate towards you. Then you must always reciprocate the same feeling as they also like being loved!

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