How to install an underground dog fence
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How to Install an Underground Dog Fence

I am sure you must be aware of the rapid changes and developments taking place as far as technology is concerned. Earlier as a pet owner, you had to keep watch guards to keep an eye on your pet and its activities. However, the time has been changing and the technology as well. When something like a dog fence came into existence, it was a simple and cheap dog fence that pet owners used to build on their own but now you have so many models of dog fences available in the market and the price ranges from low to high just because of their individual feature and facilities that they provide. From simple dog fences to invisible dog fences everything is available in the market, you just have to decide that which one of them would be the best for your pet. Nowadays, you even have the best wireless invisible fence for dogs available very easily.  Opting for the best dog fence is totally your call but once you have purchased it, you obviously need to get it installed. You can take a professional’s help for the installation work, or if you feel you are good at mechanics, electrical works, and engineering then, you may try it all by yourself as well. 

Today, when you read somewhere- dog fence for sale written, you will most probably get to see underground dog fences as the main attraction of the whole offer. So, if in case you are planning to get a dog fence installed for your favorite pooch then, it is highly recommended to go for the underground dog fences. Before learning the process of installing an underground dog fence, let us first understand a few basics about this type of dog fence.

Can they be Installed Above the Ground?

You might feel that this is a dumb question but trust me people do have this doubt and therefore, it becomes necessary to clear all the possible doubts regarding underground fences. If you have this question in mind then, let me tell you that the best invisible dog fences that are also known as underground fences can never be installed above the ground. They are under the ground to make them invisible if somebody had to install a dog fence above the ground, why would that person go for an underground one and not the standard dog fence? Common sense right? 

How Deep an Underground Dog Fence Needs to Be Buried?

An invisible or underground dog fence needs to stand firm under the ground. It is advisable to bury them between three inches to twelve inches below the ground. Remember the deeper you dig in, the stronger your dog fence would be. An underground dog fence that is installed by digging as deep as twelve inches below the ground would provide durability, stability, and strength to the whole fencing system. This shall further ensure the safety of your adorable pet and this is what you have installed the dog fence for. Isn’t it right? The ultimate goal is the pet’s safety and deep dug underground dog fence would definitely ensure that.

Working of an Underground Dog Fence

The lawn or the yard area where you are planning to install one of the best invisible dog fences might be uneven, rocky, or the terrain might not be flat. Building an underground dog fence shall provide you with the opportunity to check for irregular terrain and remove the dirt or debris (if any). This happens because to install an underground dog fence, you will have to dig deep into the ground and when you will do this, you will get to know where exactly an extra rock or any material that is not required is present. You can remove or clear it and thus build a stronger fence for your dog or pet. If you would have built a dog fence above the ground, you would not have been able to know what is there under the ground, and if due to any reason in the future the soil would have shifted of your fenced area, it could have damaged your installation. 

The dog fences built above the ground thus, provide less opportunity for a pet owner to navigate and you are left with no other option but to construct them in an even and horizontal way. Underground dog fences work in the best manner for pet owners who have dogs with mischievous canines. They help in preventing these types of dogs from escaping your property or more appropriately the perimeter set by you to allow them to play. You can also install the best wireless invisible fence for dogs to refrain the pets from entering certain sections of your home. Also, if you have a swimming pool or hot tubs near your pet’s playing area then, installing an underground dog fence would help to stop your curious little pooch from falling into the water. 

How Much Would It Cost to Install an Underground Dog Fence?

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The installation charges depend on how you want to get the fence installed i.e. you would install it yourself or you would take a professional’s help. Obviously, if you are taking a professional’s help then, the cost incurred would be more because the total cost would then include the cost of the materials as well as the price that a professional would charge to install the dog fence. So, if you want to save money and if you are aware of the engineering work then, you better try to do the installation work on your own. If you are going for the professional’s help method of installing your underground dog fence for the pet then, it would cost you somewhere in between $950 to $1,500. Also, the installation prices depend upon the quality of the fence that you have purchased. Better the quality, the higher the cost. The installation prices of an underground dog fence are affected by many components or factors such as collar expense, wiring caliber, etc. 

Steps to be Followed When Installing an Underground Fence 

The underlying seven steps need to be followed when you are planning to install an underground dog fence:-

Step 1: Selecting the Containment Area or Zone – First, you need to select the containment zone. It is the area where you would like or want your pet to be contained.

Step 2: Selecting the Boundary – Second, you need to select the boundary around your chosen containment area or zone. This step will give you a clear picture as to what will be the maximum freedom given by you to your pet because obviously, beyond the set boundary you would not want your pet to go. This step is also important because it will help you to know how much wiring will be required to fix the boundary.

Step 3: Putting the flags – Now, the next step includes planting the flags all around your outdoor space. It will help and guide you in signifying the specific locations for your underground wiring fence system.

Step 4:Taking Measurements – Installing an underground fence is not a very easy task and if you do not take the measurements thoroughly and properly, your installation work can go all wrong and can even become more complex than before. Right measurements will guide you throughout the process. So what are you waiting for? Just grab a measuring tape, a notebook, a pen, and begin jotting down the measurements! Make sure you measure lengths and widths both accurately.

Step 5: Digging the Ground – As mentioned above, digging is a crucial step and you will have to dig deep as well as even. The advantages of digging deep for the installation of an underground dog fence have already been discussed above. Digging should be done right by the flags. Do not take out the flags for now as they will help you when you begin training your pet. The pet shall be able to make out as to what his boundary is.

Step 6: Wiring – After you have dug deep and even around the set perimeter, you can begin with the wiring work. Just make sure that the transmitter stays in the center of the containment zone because only then it will be able to give proper warning signals to your pet. The transmitter should never be kept near any other electrical appliances. The best place to keep a transmitter is inside a garage. The wire should be put on the top of the ground next to the flags planted by you. Then, it needs to be attached to the transmitter so that you can test the collar and the whole fencing system. After the wiring gets completed you can cover the ditch you dug with the help of the soil that you have dugout.

Step 7: Training – For this, you need to first connect the receiver to your dog’s shock collar. You can take him near the set boundary every few hours and the moment he tries to escape out of the boundary, he will get the shock. When the same thing is repeated several times, the pet would get to know that there is something fishy about trying to escape the boundary. Once you believe that the pet has understood his boundary, you can leave it to roam freely in the containment zone without any worry.


Next time when you search on-line or see somewhere in a shopping complex – dog fence for sale written, ensure that the manufacturer has provided you with transmitters and wires in the underground dog fence kit. Most of the manufacturers do provide these essential items in the kit but it is better to check before purchasing. These provided items usually work in the ranges between 25 acres and 500 acres at the minimum. The range can be affected by power supply as well along with many other factors. 

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