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How to Groom Your Dog at Home

Do you take bath daily? Of course, you do unless you have caught cold or the weather is too chilly to take a bath. I am sure if you are here reading this article then, you must be a dog owner or you must be planning to own one. Am I Right? Well, let me tell you that you have found a good place to clear all your doubts related to grooming your favorite family member and you shall definitely take a lot with you by the end of this article. 

We as pet owners are constantly in search of cheap dog grooming techniques that are not only our hard-earned money savers but also are the best for our dogs. After all, we are often attracted to tricks, things, and techniques that are cheap and best. Let me clarify a point before a question mark pops into your head and that is, by cheap I do not mean to compromise with the quality of a product. Cheap here means something that is not much expensive and still offers the best within our means to our little pooch. Remember, no wrong selection for this adorable creature!

In the beginning of the article, I asked whether we humans take bath daily and it is obvious that we do except in few situations. Coming on to the grooming sessions of our dog which includes bathing it, a very crucial point is that these creatures should not be taken for bath daily. Although good hygiene habits is a necessary requirement for a healthy dog, not all dogs need regular grooming and bathing. What your dog shall need and how often depends on the breed of your pet. For example, if you have a one from the Afghan Hound, Poodle, and Komondor breeds then, you need to take care of their personal hygiene by giving them a good bath daily. On the other hand if you have a dog from breeds such as Beagle, Weimaraner, and Boxer then, you would not have to groom them on a daily basis. However, pet care involving activities such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, etc. are a part of regular personal hygiene and therefore, you need to perform them regularly irrespective of the breed of dog you have. 

Professional dog groomers, professional dog handlers, and some veterinarian technicians have the best dog grooming kit with them so, you do not have to worry about your pet’s hygiene care when it has been taken to them. Still, you as a pet owner should learn the basic grooming tricks to maintain your dog’s hygiene in between it’s monthly appointment with a professional. 

What to Do When Grooming Your Dog at Home

  • The right tools for a safe grooming session of your dog are a must. If you find it difficult to obtain the right tools then what you can do is, look for the best dog grooming kit on-line and buy it or else, you can also get it from any local store. The kit shall include the right nail trimmers, a styptic powder which used to stop nail bleeding, teeth cleaners, brushes, wide combs, shampoos, etc.
  • Be mindful of using a brush that is suitable for the coat of the breed of dog you have. You can consult your professional dog groomer before buying one. It is better to brush your dog’s hair daily with the brush to remove dirt, mud, and debris thus, keeping it clean.
  • If you feel the need to wipe any dirt or debris from your dog’s coat then, use a damp towel.
  • You need to be extra careful during tick season and check your dog for ticks more than once daily or at least once daily. You can learn from your veterinarian the trick to remove ticks.
  • Do not let excessive hair growth in between your dog’s toes. Keep trimming them to keep them slightly shorter from the paw pads. You can buy the best rated dog clippers for this purpose.
  •  It is advisable for you to always use veterinarian-approved products on your dog to minimize the possibility of any allergic reaction.

Things You Should Not Do When Grooming Your Dog at Home

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  • It is better not to use any products made for humans on your dog. For example, many toothpastes that are formulated for humans contain xylitol and it is toxic for dogs.
  • Until and unless you are properly trained in clipping the nails of your dog or if you are not comfortable in doing it then, do not perform this task or activity. 
  • If you happen to notice any sort of injury, sores, or wounds on your dog then, do not jump on to treating it by yourself rather you can schedule an appointment with your vet.
  • Removing mat from your dog’s coat is not an easy task and it is advisable not to use any sharp object such as scissors for removing it because if accidentally your dog moves or becomes restless then it can cause serious injuries. 
  • Never spray perfumes on your dog because human perfumes often contain fragrances and scents that are dangerous for your four-legged companion. Also, in some cases spraying perfumes has resulted in serious respiratory issues for sensitive dogs. 
  • If you find any foreign object in your dog’s ears, eyes, mouth, etc. while grooming then, do not try to take it out by yourself. Take your pet to the vet.

Giving Your Dog A Nice Bath

It is an important aspect of grooming your pet and its personal hygiene. You might feel that your dog is healthy and therefore, you need give him a bath but you are wrong. Even a healthy dog needs to take a bath to remove unpleasant odors and dirt from its coat. Also, your pet might have specific skin conditions in such a case, your vet might recommend giving your dog a bath as a part of medical treatment plan. 

Where to Give Your Dog A Bath?

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Cheap dog grooming at home that involves bathing your dog has a crucial point and that is the place for bathing. 

  • Bathing it Outdoors :- If your dog has a habit of jumping out of the tub then, it will be the easiest for you to bathe him outside. Alternatively, you can use a garden hose set on low pressure. Be careful when using a hose because during summers the water can be too hot for your pooch. So, it is better that you wait until the water cools down.
  • Bath Tub :- It is very important to keep the tub clean before you decide to clean your dog in it. Also, just let the water drain down so that the tub does not get over filled otherwise, your dog can drown. It would be better if you have a hose or shower attachment sans which you shall have to keep a big bucket or drum along with you to store water. Do keep a mat underneath the tub to avoid any accidents due to slipping. 

Tips to Encourage Your Dog to Take A Bath

  • You can give your dog some rewards or the things they love after giving them a nice bath or even during their bathing time. 
  • Do not hurry and take things slow so that they are relaxed and feel comfortable. 

Grooming Your Dog’s Paws

Cheap dog grooming also involves keeping a check on your dog for any limping. Also, you should check the feet and paws of your dog for any infections or wounds. If your dog has a habit of roaming outside then it is sure to have grass seeds and burrs around the paws so, be punctual in removing it. 

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

If your dog shall have any ear related issue then, he might show signs such as head shaking, ear discharge, ear scratching, rubbing ears along the floor or any furniture, redness or swelling around ears, unpleasant odors, etc. You should immediately consult your vet in such cases. At the time of your dog’s routine health check-up also the vet might prescribe some ear drop for your pet if he finds something fishy with its ears. 

Grooming the Pet by Cleaning Teeth

You should give your dog chewing items that are safe and shall not cause any injury to the gums inside its mouth. It is important for the dogs to chew as it is a part of their mouth exercise so, do not refrain from giving them something to chew. A few examples of dog chew items are – dog chew toys and dental chews. You can also give it a raw meat bone one a week but before doing this do consult your vet as it might not be right to do this for some specific dogs. 

How Can you Forget Those Beautiful Eyes of your Adorable Pooch?

Thinking about cheap dog grooming and forgetting the eyes? Not fair? It is of utmost importance to look after your dog’s eye health. One way with which you can check whether the eyes of your dog are healthy or not is by noticing the symmetry of the pupils because healthy eyes are symmetrical, bright, and clear. Any kind of redness or discharge is not a good sign for your dog’s eye health and needs to be treated as soon as possible. 

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