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How to Give your Dog a Hair Cut?

Bringing a pooch home and making it a part of your family. How interesting and joyful it sounds right? Welcoming a new addition to the family has always been adorable and who would not want to go on such an adventurous journey? Adventurous I say because there are a lot of responsibilities associated with a new member including its care and personal grooming of which we are concerned in this article. 

We as humans are so particular about our looks, personal hygiene, and grooming so are our pets. The only difference is they can not express their concern in words and therefore, it becomes our responsibility to take special care of our pooch and give them the best and cheap dog grooming sessions.  If in case you are thinking that your pooch is of a good breed and thus, requires infrequent grooming then, my friend you are wrong. It does not matter much that your pet belongs to which breed, grooming is important otherwise, it shall look filthy and I am sure you would not want a smelly dog in your house. Professional dog groomers and veterinarian technicians are no doubt an extremely good option for your dog’s grooming sessions but they are often very expensive and at times they are pre-booked from a couple of months ago. So, isn’t it better to learn a few basic grooming tricks yourself for cheap dog grooming? Among many other grooming activities, the one of utmost importance is trimming your dog’s hair. Do you Find it difficult to cut your pooch’s hair? If yes, I am sure your problem will be sorted after reading this article and you shall be able to trim your dog’s unique coat at the comfort of your home itself in between the visits to a grooming salon or appointments.

Smooth Short Coats Dogs

If you have a breed of dog from the following – Beagles, Boxers, Boston Terriers, Pugs, and Bulldogs then, you should know that they belong to the category of dogs with smooth and short coats. You should consider yourself lucky to have them because dogs of these breeds require least maintenance but wait! Do not get too excited and relaxed because least maintenance does not imply no maintenance at all. Grooming is essential for them too but not as frequently as other breeds. Now, what to do to trim their hair? Let us see:-

First of all, you would need to have the best dog grooming kit with you. In the kit there will definitely be a bristle brush to brush your smooth coated dog. What you need to take care of is, to brush it with the direction of your dog’s fur because if you brush the dog in the opposite direction of his fur then, it can be painful for him and you also shall face difficulty in brushing. You do not require to brush these dog breeds daily as informed earlier but regular brushing will be good as it will keep dirt, mud, and debris away from your dog’s coat. This is all you need to do because most of these dogs have already short hair so they need no trimming. 

Dogs with Double Coats

There a variety of breeds with a variety of breed groups that are included in the category of dogs with double coats. A few examples of such breeds are as follows – Huskies, Malamutes, Labrador and Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Corgis, and Shetland Sheepdogs. By double coat what is meant is that the dog has a soft undercoat for insulating your dog and a top coat that helps in repelling the water. You can follow the steps below to trim the hairs of such a dog:-

  • Step 1:- Brushing the tangles and using proper tools to brush each coat – You would need a slicker brush to brush any tangles or dirt off your dog’s coat. It will be better to start outward from the skin to brush out the undercoat. From there you can use the slicker brush to brush the top layer of the coat. If you have a double coated pet dog with long fur as well then, it is advisable for you to have an undercoat rake in the best dog grooming kit with you. It will serve as a handy tool and you will be able to groom your dog better. Do not be hasty in brushing and work in parts so that you do not miss any spot on your dog. You should brush a double coated dog either regularly or semi-regularly. 
  • Step 2:- Cutting the stubborn or problematic mats – The dogs with long furs require their stubborn snarls to be cut with the help of a safety tip scissors or straight grooming shears. To begin with, reach out for their feathering legs area or tail base area because these areas have a tendency to get dirty the most very quickly. So, you may use a flea comb to pull the fur away from the skin and then, snip it. 
  • Step 3:- A sanitary clip if felt necessary – You may use a sanitary clip to remove some stubborn dirt from around your adorable pooch’s rectal area. Just grab the best dog grooming clippers and get yourself working. Use the tool to shave the rectal area of your dog off but be careful and do not actually clip your favorite four-legged friend’s skin. Work slowly to shave the tangled mats and debris out as it will help you prevent your dog from clipper burn. 

Note:- If you feel that it is mandatory to give your double coated dog a sanitary clip then, make sure that you do not clip it down to the skin all over. This is because such a dog’s both layers are essential for it. Also, if you are planning to use electrical clippers on your double coated pet dog then, be aware that there is a possibility that their coat might not grow in the same way as they were rather it may grow back fuzzy or patchy.

Dogs with Long Coats

The dog breeds that would be included in this category are as follows – Yorkshire terriers, Javanese, Maltese, Shih tzus, and Lhasa Apsos. Mostly pet owners of such a dog with long coats prefer to keep their dog in a puppy cut for which you shall have to have a pair of electric clippers that you may buy after going through dog clipper reviews available on-line. Here are a few steps to guide you through trimming your dog with long furs:-

  • Step 1:- Brushing the fur – Such dogs might have coarse or smooth fur so if yours is the one with coarse fur then, you would need to brush their fur with a pin brush and a smooth bristle brush along with it. 
  • Step 2:- Shaving it off – Begin shaving along its back and move from its shoulder toward his tail. Then, slowly work through its side, chest, and belly. Just make sure you clip in the same direction. Now, shave its legs and move toward the paws working through its hips in between. 
  • Step 3:- The furs between your dog’s toes – There could be long furs between your dogs toes so what you can do is just pull the furs straight up not hurting the poor creature and clip them in that position. It will be easier for you to clip the furs this way. 

Dogs with Wire Coats

Such dogs are also known as the ones with broken coats and a few examples of them are as follows – Fox terriers, Scottish terriers, and Cairn terriers while breeds such as Dachshunds, German wirehair pointers, and Jack Russel terriers have a wire coat variety. Steps to follow are as follows:-

  • Step 1:- Brushing – Firstly, you need to brush the fur out and for this you can either use a stripping comb or a slicker brush. 
  • Step 2:Trimming the debris and tangles – Such dogs generally have a beard around their muzzle. You may use a pair of round safety tip scissors to trim any food particles of tangles from their water bowl. It would be better to use a fine-toothed comb to pull the fur away from your dog’s face and snip it. 
  • Step 3:- Cutting the hair – If your wired dog has long coat then, it is better to use an electric clipper because they are one of the best professional hair clippers. Begin clipping your dog’s back first and then move toward the tail slowly. Now, work the clippers on its chest and moving toward its legs subsequently. 

Dogs with Curly Coats

Such dog breeds include the following – Poodles, Bichon Frises, and Airedale Terriers. It is advisable to always keep your dog’s coat cut short as it prevents tangling and matting. You can use a flea comb to pull the fur away from your pooch’s skin and then trim it with the best grooming clippers. The steps are as follows:-

  • Step 1:- Brush the fur – This step is common in all the breeds of dogs before you begin the hair trimming session.
  • Step 2:- Hair cutting – You can use an electric clipper to trim the fur if your dog’s fur is too long otherwise, a simple pair of grooming shears would do. You may follow the same pattern of hair trimming as in the above cases. 


It is always better to get an appointment fixed with professional dog groomers for your pooch’s grooming session because they have the best dog grooming kit at hand however, if it is not possible due to some reason you as a pet owner should be able to perform the grooming task on your own. Therefore, this article shall be very helpful for you the next time you decide to give your adorable pet a hair-cut.  

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