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How to Build a Dog Fence

For most of the pet owners, their pets become a part of their family and life. These adorable creatures laugh with us when we are happy and they cry too when we are leaving. They too have emotions and yes, they too care! Right when you are off, they can sense it. You being protective as a pet owner is normal but don’t you feel that you need to give them the freedom they deserve? Their freedom includes, them being able to run, play, and enjoy their life. If you have a home with a beautiful backyard or a playground, you also must have a properly fenced in area so that you can safeguard your pet. There are a number of appealing models of a cheap dog fence available in the market with which you can ensure your pet’s safety along with maintaining your house’s beautiful décor. 

The best invisible dog fences or any other model of a dog fence is the one that helps in keeping the outside world out of the set perimeter while keeping your pet safe and sound on the inside. No matter how big or small your house is, your pet definitely wants a personal space that shall belong to it only and where it can stretch its legs and just relax. The new and improved models of dog fences have made it easy for pet owners to decide which one will be best suitable for their dog. 

Before jumping on to building a cheap dog fence for your pup, you must understand that the various models available in the market are meant to cater to the needs of varieties of dog species and their different behaviors. Did not understand? Okay, let us take a few examples to get a more clear picture. For example, If you have a jumper breed dog or pet then, it will be better for you to go for a relatively higher fence while on the other hand, if you have a breed that can easily tunnel it’s way out to escape from the set perimeter then, you will need to build a fence model that sticks to the ground firmly or has deep-rooted wires under the ground. 

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You can go through the invisible dog fence reviews available on the internet in case you are planning to buy one for your pet. Otherwise, if you are interested in building a fence for the pet yourself, that is equally a good idea. Earlier, pet owners had to hire guards or someone who could keep an eye during their pet’s playtime. Leaving them alone outside used to be a task and a reason to worry but these dog fences and the constantly improving models in them have allowed the pet owners to stay freely while their pooch is playing and enjoying its dog life outside. 

Wouldn’t you want to have a dog fence that is easy and quick to build, movable, inexpensive, and reusable? I guess of course you would want to so now, let us understand how you can build a cheap dog fence for your pup.

Required Tools

  • Studded T-Post, 5 feet, 1.25 lb. per foot : It might be the case that you are living in a rented house then, of course, you can not build a permanent dog fence there such as the best wireless invisible fence for dogs. So, what you will need is a fence that can be easily removed. For building such a dog fence you need to purchase metal T-posts that you can pound into the ground all by yourself. Suppose, you have a 200 foot long fence then, you can buy 40 T-Posts, and when pounding them into the ground make sure that you leave 5 inches spacing between the posts. 
  • Post Driver : The next thing you will need is, the post driver for pounding the stakes into the ground. It is better to purchase a post drive that is heavy because it’s weight will help you to pound the stakes easily when the driver is placed on the top of the T-Posts. 
  • The Pet Fence : If the terrain where you are planning to build a cheap dog fence is uneven then, you should go for a fence material that is flexible ( a garden or deer netting would help). These nettings are strong enough to refrain your pet from ripping them apart by its nails. 
  • Plastic Cable Zip Ties : You will have to purchase several packets of cable ties so that you can secure the netting to the T-Posts. It is advisable to go for the heavy-duty zip ties (about ½ inch thick).
  • Landscaping Anchor Pins : If you fear your pet can dig its way out underneath the set perimeter then, you can purchase the landscaping anchor pins to secure the fencing into the ground. 

Steps to Build a Cheap Dog Fence

Step 1: Plan – Since building a dog fence on your own is a Do It Yourself (DIY) task so, to do it successfully, you need a great plan before you begin. The planning stage would include deciding exactly where you want the fence to be built, looking for areas where the stakes can be planted or placed, measuring the distance between each stake and ensuring that it is 5 feet, deciding where to gets the required tools from, which net material would be the best for your dog type, etc. 

Step 2: Raking – If the area or the place where you want the dog’s fence to be built is covered densely with debris, plants, and trees then, you will have to clear the area well. You would need to rake until all the leaves, debris, small rocks, and sticks are completely out of the fenced area. If you do not do this then, there is a possibility of you or your adorable pet being bitten or infected by ticks and bugs hiding in the dense debris. 

Step 3: Staking – Having cleared the fenced area nicely, now what you have to do is, begin pounding in the T-Posts that you purchased with the post driver. This is an important step as you need to plant the stakes solid enough to prevent them from falling. When you are on this step, make sure that the butterfly stake portion of the T-Posts are firmly placed under the ground. Doing this will help you in keeping your and your pet’s toes safe. 

Step 4:  Netting – Now that all the stakes have been planted well inside the ground, you can roll out the net you have purchased and begin attaching it to the T-Posts. How will you do this? Remember the cable zip ties you bought? Make use of them. It will be easier for you to attach the netting if you leave five to six inches of the net inside the fenced area lying on the ground, straighten the top of the net, and fix the top cable zip tie first.   

Step 5: Anchoring – Since you have already fixed the top of the netting so it becomes much easier for you to straighten the bottom part of the netting. After straightening, you can easily anchor the netting into the ground with the help of anchor pins. To fix it with anchor pins, you can take about three pins and place them evenly spaced between the five-foot area. You can use the cable ties to secure the middle and the bottom of the netting to the T-Posts. 

Step 6: Checking if Everything is Okay! – Now, you are done with building a cheap dog fence for your adorable pet and you just need to check whether it is working the way it should or not.   

There are a number of ideas that you can use when building a dog fence and some of them have been discussed below:-

  • Wire and Chain link dog fence: If you are looking for a cheap dog fence then, there is nothing more affordable than this one. However, it comes with certain pros and cons. Let us see:
  • Pros:
  1. Affordable
  2. Requires minimum to no maintenance.
  • Cons:
  1. It provides the lowest level of security.
  2. Your dog will be able to interact with anybody outside.
  • Lattice dog fence: It looks like a wooden structure and provides more visibility and allows the air to pass through. It has vertical posts and a top and bottom beam to provide support to the structure of the fence. 
  • Pros:
  1. It gives a rich and good look.
  2. Your dog wouldn’t feel trapped.
  • Cons:
  1. It is suitable only if you have a large property.
  2. Your dog is not safe enough.
  • Privacy dog fence:  As the name suggests, it provides a lot of privacy to your pet. They are taller than other standard fences (tall enough to not let anybody see anything through it). They are usually made of wood but any other material can also be used.
  • Pros:
  1. They provide your pet with a lot of privacy.
  2. They are tall so, it is difficult to jump out of it. Thus, you can use this cheap dog fence idea to build one for your pet if it is of big size.
  • Cons:
  1. You will have to take the local building laws under consideration before building a privacy dog fence because many local authorities do not allow such tall constructions. 
  2. Your pet might feel trapped and suffocated.

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