How Tight Should Dog Collars Be
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How Tight Should Dog Collars Be?

Dog collars are a strap of cloth mostly made from leather and nylon webbing. They are commonly used to attach a long leash with them when we take our furry buddies with us for a walk outside but do you know How Tight Should Dog Collars Be? 

Pet owners use these dog training collars for various purposes. Its most common usage is as a retainer, as no one would want their dogs to get lost. Therefore, they serve as an essential item to which a leash is connected. Or, some may use them as a fashion item to make their dog look cute or cool.

These dog collars are also often used to attach name tags with their information. If some dog gets lost, the people around him could contact its owner with the information tagged along the collar. Or sometimes, some pet owners may make customized collars for their canines too.

Don’t worry, we will answer them you on How Tight Should Dog Collars Be? We all know about the dog collars, the one we generally use to join it with a leash whenever we take our canines for a walk. These collars are solely for the purpose of taking dogs outdoors. Mostly leather and nylon webbing are used to make these collars. Sometimes these collars are used as a fashion item by pet owners adding a name tag along with it. Silver and gold chains are also included with them to give a cool, funky image to the dogs.

What are Dog Training Collars?

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Coming to training collars, they are totally different from the standard leather, nylon collars. These training collars are just what the word itself suggests. They are designed with the purpose of training dogs to behave. Training collars are electronic devices that come with a controller or a small remote. The remote has buttons to give static shocks to the dogs whenever they are unruly. For instance, when you are in a park with your dog for a walk, and he or she hysterically start digging up the mud despite several warnings from you, an electronic collar becomes useful here. 

Pet owners can press the remote that will send a signal to the collar to transmit a slight shock to the dog body. The sudden sensation of the shock will halt the dog from digging up, and from there on, the dog will think twice before doing the same thing. Therefore training collars are called shock collars. Giving a shock whenever the dog acts ill-mannered will help the dogs to remain disciplined. These shock collars are also convenient to train dogs who are stubborn and tend to ignore everything their human owner says.

Which Training Collar to Choose?

There are various collars available in the market, and each dog collar is for a specific purpose:

1. Flat Collars are the standard ones. With a buckle or a plastic snap, they offer quick-release.

2. Martingale Dog Collars are best for dogs who tend to slip away from the standard collars. They have a separate small loop that helps in adjusting the collar size and thus also prevents chances of choking.

3. Slip Collars have an extended slip which acts as the lead and to which a longer leash is attached.

4. Prong or Pinch Collars are a chain with open ends, a pet owner can pinch the hook in any hoop of the chain, and can easily adjust looseness and tightness.

5. Head Collars are good at dealing with unwanted behavior like sniffling or scavenging. The straps of this collar go around the nose and the face.

6. Dog harnesses are of two types:

  • In a front-clip harness, the leash is joint to the strap that is on the dog’s chest.
  • Whereas, in a back-clip harness, the leash is joint to the strap on the dog’s back.

7. Breakaway Collars come with a safety buckle that provides safety if strangulation accidents occur.

8. Reflective Collars are made from a reflective cloth that bounces off a light when another light hits the collar. These collars help dogs to get easily spotted at night.

9. Flea Collars release chemical substances that help in dealing with flea infestation.

10. Lighted Collars have a light source that helps in making dogs visible at night.

11. Shock Collars are great at deterring pets from adopting unwanted or unsafe behavior.

12. Choke Collar is a chain link that has loops at both ends, making it easier for pet owners to adjust the size.

The Right Size for Dog Training Collars

Each dog has different size requirements. A small canine may need a smaller size of the collar as compared to a large dog that will require a bigger one. It is necessary to ensure that the collar fits perfectly with your pet. One could always use the Two-finger method to determine whether the dog collar is loose or tight on the neck.  If one can not easily slide their two fingers underneath the dog collar, then that means that it is very stressed on the neck of the pet. If there is more than two finger space, then the collar is way too loose on your canine’s neck.

Pet owners must make a habit of checking their dog’s collar fit before taking them outdoors. A loose and tight collar has its own disadvantages or causes problems.

A loose dog collar can cause the following inconveniences:

  • If the collar hangs loose, its leash too will be lying low that could make the dogs trip and hurt themselves. Thus, getting injured on their mouth or legs.
  • A loose-fitting collar will always rub against your pets’ skin that can cause skin infection.
  • With a loose collar, there are more chances of a dog trying to run away loose that can further be a big problem for the pet owners.

A tight collar too can become a hindrance because:

  • Like loose collars, tight collars also lead to skin irritation.
  • A tight collar can lead to choking. Dogs can get a suffocating feeling with a stiff collar on their neck.
  • A tight collar can cause pain in the neck muscle when the dog moves a lot, and also it puts a lot of pressure on their trachea.

Thus, a collar should be of the right fit so that the dogs are comfortable in wearing them.

We hope now you will have the idea of How Tight Should Dog Collars Be, we keeps updating more similar pet care posts for pet owners. Stick to for relevant information.

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