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How Long Do Flea Collars Take To Work?

Fleas are tiny, dark brown ectoparasites. They can infest your dogs and cats and live on the skin of your pets. They are blood- sucking pests, an adult flea can survive till a whole year. 

Hence, it becomes important for pet owners to help their dogs get rid of them. Fleas are known to cause a lot of discomfort and problems in domestic animals, like cats and dogs. 

Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever are the most common diseases transmitted by fleas.

If your dog is attacked by fleas, it can be seen scratching and scraping it all the time. This excessive itching and irritation caused by the fleas often leads to hot spots. Dogs and cats scratch themselves to such an extreme that their hair falls out and their red skin is shown.

There are various treatments and medications to free your pets from fleas. Topical solutions, oral medications and flea collars are the ones that are used to deal with flea infestation problems.

If pet parents are looking for a convenient and long lasting relief treatment, then flea collars would be the best for their canine.

Dog Flea Collars

A flea collar is a plastic strap that is infused with various chemicals and pesticides. These chemicals act as flea repellent and are poisonous for the fleas and hence kills them.

Flea collars of different brands have different chemicals or acting agents in them to make their product stand in an advantageous position.

Normally, the active ingredients get released once the collar has been in contact with a dog’s skin. The flea repellent spreads thoroughly via the oily layer of a dog’s skin and fur, and forms a protective shield within 24 hours.

Flea collars are great at preventing as well as treating flea infestation in pets. It discharges the flea repellent for almost 5-8 months.

But the question how long flea collars take to work, it actually depends on a lot of factors. We have listed them for you below.

  • Proper fitting of the collar is very important as some flea collars are designed in such a manner that they will work properly and effectively only when the collar is in right contact with a pet’s skin.
  • Generally, flea collars start to work in the first 24 hours of exposure on the dog’s neck and noticeable results can be seen within 3 to 5 weeks.
  • It also depends on the brand of the collar. A popular brand will claim to show fast and better results. A cheaper brand may have some drawbacks and hence may not work properly.
  • The type of flea collar you choose will directly affect the time taken to work properly. A natural flea collar may comparatively take longer to show the desired results. Also, a natural flea collar mostly uses citronella oil, clove oil, Eucalyptus and other ingredients that may only repel fleas and are not effective at killing them.
  • Given that, chemicals work more quickly against fleas. They take less time, and are fast acting like the chemicals, Imidacloprid and Flumethrin. But, pet parents must also be aware of the chemicals that may cause harm to dogs or cats.
  • The proper usage of a flea collar ensures its effectiveness. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and also the labels. Because, if a collar is not water resistant and pet owners don’t know that and expose it to water, then the collar will become ineffective and stop working.
  • Stages of flea infestation will have a direct impact on the time a flea collar takes to work. For example, most best flea dog collars work perfectly for early stages of flea infestation. In the cases of severe flea infestation, most veterinarians would recommend some oral tablets or spot on treatments along with a flea collar.
  • A dog’s condition can also be an important factor. If your pooch is weak or has a weaker immune system, then it will take longer time to heal from a heavy flea infestation. So, a pet parent will first need to improve their canine’s diet to make him healthy enough for the treatment and its after effects if any.
  • Pet parents must keep and maintain hygiene at home if their pet is infested with fleas. Keeping their pet’s surrounding and bedding clean more frequently will help in reducing the chances of fleas to spread more further. A female flea is known to lay 10 to 50 eggs per day under ideal conditions, thus dog owners could use an anti flea spray for the purpose of disinfection. Check out this Vet’s best flea and tick spray for home at Amazon.

A Seresto flea collar for dogs and puppies effectively kills all reinfesting fleas within 2 hours once it has been worn for 24 hours before.

Similarly, Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Collar might take a few days to form a protective shield on the dogs and then only noticeable killing of fleas can be seen.

To sum it up, each flea collar will take its own time depending on the chemicals or ingredients it is using. But, they have worked well for many pet owners. They believe flea collars are easy to use, are not time consuming and one does not need to let dog’s dry their fur which is in the case of topical treatments. Also, they are long lasting. Each manufacturer designs their flea collar with a stated certain protection period. This means, a dog owner need not spend his money again and again. It is a one time investment for several months.

If your pet is showing allergic reactions to the flea collar like, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea or walking drunk, then dismiss the use of the collar and take your pet for an examination to your vet.

Note: Every canine is different from each other. Pet parents must remember this while selecting a flea treatment for their pooch. Some dogs are overly sensitive, so they would require products that are gentle and soft on their skin.

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