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How does Invisible Fence Work?

Many a time it might have happened to you that you were taking a morning walk or an evening walk and suddenly out of nowhere you see a dog running and coming towards you but he skids to a stop just at the edge of the lawn. Can you guess what is happening there? Does not it seem like the dog saw a fence that is not even there? Sounds weird and horrific right? Would you believe someone saying that there is a fence when you can not even see it? Is there anything like an invisible fence or is it just illusionary? So many questions right? Trust me, there is a single answer to all these questions and that is – Yes, there does exist a thing known as an invisible fence. So, now you know that the dog could not come to you in the above hypothetical situation because there was one of the best invisible dog fences installed around that lawn. 

If you still doubt that there is a thing known as an invisible dog fence then, I am sorry my friend but you are not aware of the speed with which science is moving ahead. Invisible dog fences do exist and all the credit goes to modern technologies. These ever-developing technologies have made it easier for pet owners to keep their pets safely inside the boundaries of their lawns, without even having to build tall fences. No, it is not a miracle or anything magical but simply a combination of science, technology, electronics, and of course training. 

Security Inside Your Lawn’s Boundary

The visible dog fences might not look good at times and thus, you might want to get one of the best invisible dog fences installed to keep your dog contained. Invisible fences are the single solution, working together simply and seamlessly. The technology they use is undoubted of high quality and therefore, gives you confidence in your adorable pet’s protection. So, you need not worry about where they are. 

Some Assembly Required

Dogs come in numerous sizes, so start by estimating your puppy’s old bed to perceive how much space he should be agreeable. He may require a greater pad than you suspected.

The least complex DIY Best dog bed is an enormous pad, which you can make by cutting two huge square shapes of texture and sewing them together on three sides. A couple of old downy covers make an extraordinary reused pad. Prior to sewing up the fourth side, pick a stuffing that will be protected and agreeable for your canine.

The Working of Invisible Dog Fences

invisible dog fence reviews

There are a few invisible fence systems or technologies that have wires buried in the ground around a set perimeter (as decided by you), For example, a yard. Also, there is a transmitter connected to the wiring that emits a radio signal that further travels throughout the underground wire. The other important component of an invisible dog fence system is, a receiver worn on a collar by the pet. This receiver helps in detecting the radio signal that travels around the buried wire. As your dog wearing a receiver collar shall approach the buried wire, first it will hear a warning sound that obviously only it will be able to hear. Even if post the warning signal, your pet continues to try crossing the set perimeter or the invisible fence installed underground, it shall receive a static correction or a mild current or shock as you may say. The static correction is nothing but a mild and harmless electric stimulation that helps in getting the pet’s attention. You can also call it a shock but it is too mild to harm your little pup. When your pet shall get this electric stimulation, it would experience a light and tingling feeling on its skin which would startle it thus, interrupting their inappropriate behavior.   

Only getting a cheap dog fence installed is not enough, you need to do the most important thing i.e. training your dog. During the training of your dog in case of an invisible dog fence, you would need to teach or train your dog to stop as soon as they receive the warning sound upon approaching the set perimeter. You might be confused and thinking that when we humans who have the greatest gift of nature i.e. our mind, can not see the invisible fence then how come an animal would be able to know about its existence. The answer is simple, the pets get to know where the boundary is from the flags marked all around the perimeter at the time of training your dog. When the same thing happens again and again, the dogs learn that if they will approach the flags, it will result in a warning tone or signal and if they do not stop even then, they shall have to receive static corrections. Giving them rewards for their good behavior is equally necessary. 

Do you remember how your class teacher used to reward with remarks such as excellent, 5 stars, very good, etc.? How motivated you used to be on receiving these rewards right? Also, in the greed of getting such rewards again next time, you used to work harder and improve upon your mistakes. The same thing applies at the time your dog is being trained as they are given rewards for stopping short of the boundary thus, the pets learn to respect the boundaries of one of the best invisible dog fences installed by you. Eventually, when you think your dog has had enough training and that he would not escape the perimeter set by you, you can remove the flags because now the dog has learned exactly how far it is allowed to go or travel without hearing a warning sound or receiving any static corrections or shock (as you may say). 

As said earlier technology moves faster than we humans can imagine and this can be proved by the fact that with improvement in the technology even the invisible dog fences have eventually turned into wireless systems. So, today when you go to the market to get a cheap dog fence, you will get models and systems that do not even require you to bury any wire around the perimeter of your yard or lawn. So if you have got installed one of the best wireless invisible fence for dogs around your lawn, it would send out a radio signal in all four directions to create a circular zone that you can call a safe zone and customize it to fit your requirements and needs. With this wireless invisible dog fence system, your pet’s collar shall receive a constant signal while it stays in the safe zone whereas if in case, your pet tries to escape out or approaches the boundary of the safe zone that you customized as per you need, the signal will be lost and then, at first, a warning sound will be created. If even then the pet does not turn around or come back into the safe zone, he would receive a static correction. 

Installing the Wireless Invisible Dog Fence

The following steps shall explain in you in brief that you can help yourself in installing a wireless invisible dog fence system:-

best invisible dog fences
  • Step 1: Locating a place for the transmitter – A transmitter is a central component of all the fences (electrical). So, it is important for you to find a perfect spot for the antenna. It will be better if it is located in the outlet section of your home or near a window. It should be in a place where no metal object can interrupt its signal.

  • Step 2: – Activate the receiver collar – You need to insert a battery to activate the collar device. However, this battery might need to be changed after three months. After the battery has been inserted, you need to turn the collar on.

  • Step 3: Setting the containment area and planting the flags – The containment area is nothing but the distance from the transmitter up to the point you want to allow your dog to roam freely. Also, you would need to plant the flags around the set perimeter.

  • Step 4: Making your dog wear the receiver collar – After the basic installation processes have been completed, you need to let your dog wear the collar. Your dog might not like wearing it and thus, might resist. So, first of all, you should make your dog sit in a comfortable position and then put the collar properly making sure that the controller faces upwards. Now, you would need to test the collar. It should not be too tight otherwise, it can choke your pet. To test this, you can insert your two to three fingers. The collar should also not be very loose otherwise, the dog shall not be able to receive the static corrections well..

  • Step 5: Adjusting the correction level – There are usually five correction levels. Keep this thing in mind that the correction levels can not be set randomly. Which level needs to be set depends upon your pet. If your pet is small, you can go for setting level one or two. If your pet is of medium size then, you can set level three whereas if it is the large dog then, level four or five would work. There is one thing which you can do with the correction levels and i.e. initially you can set high levels and then when your pet improves its behavior, you can go on decreasing the levels as a reward for them.

  • Step 6: The Training – You can start training your dog initially for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. The first day of its training can be started by having a walk with your dog and introducing him to the flags, warning tone, etc. Then, the second day of training can include your pet’s introduction to the static correction. This way you can plan the training sessions of your pet as per your convenience.

So, this was a piece of brief information on how you can install the best wireless invisible fence for dogs. These invisible fences keep your pets safe without troubling you to build a conventional fence. Only, you need to train the pet well and then see how this amazing system keeps your dog hooked to your beautiful home. 

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