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Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

It is ultra-sleek and comfy, your dog would just love to roll on it. This Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog bed is of 44 inches and will perfectly fit your big/large dogs. If your dog is getting older day by day and he needs some rest, then this bed will offer him everything. This bed includes bolsters on the side so that they could lay their head. Now, the orthopaedic beds are mostly for dogs who are suffering from joint pain or being in an accident and have cracked their leg. This bed will give relief and it has a soft fabric also it is double layered so that your dog could curl up in the bed at night.

These beds are suitable for big/giant-sized dogs. These big-sized beds are for your big-sized dogs like german shepherd, cane Corso and Sarabi dogs. This orthopaedic soft and sleek bed will give your dog a sweet and good nap. This bed is available in four shades, you could choose anyone which suits your dog. The mattress is ultra-soft and every night your dog would love to curl up in this comfy and yet classy bed. It is made with a baby mattress grade foam base, this is an ideal bed which will surely give all the comfort and relaxation your dog needs.

This bed is available in four sizes, you could choose that based on what your dog size is. This mattress will be highly recommended for dogs who are suffering from joint pain or arthritis, as this will offer your dog solace and consolation. This fluffy bed is made with extra care for your beloved dog, the cushion is simple and sophisticated. Even if your dog jumps on it a hundred and thousand times, he won’t fall down. It also has a three-sided bolster, on which he lay down his head comfortably and also it won’t disturb his sleep as well.

The orthopaedic bed will give him the amount of support to his backbone, head and neck. If your dog twists and turns a lot, then this bed will suit him the best. The mattress is almost like the human grade mattress provided with foam base, this will guarantee that your dog’s comfort is our first priority. The bed is neatly finished and has an elegant touch to it. This bed could last for many years and is super durable.

Even if your kids hop on it, or jump all around, this bed can’t be torn apart. It comes with an anti-tear cover which will ensure that the bed doesn’t get ruined. It is also machine washable and dries quickly. The bed is water-resistant/proof and should be handled with care.


  • This bed has three bolstered sides which makes it easy to sleep.
  • Removable cover is durable
  • Machine washable
  • It is spacious and has the right amount of softness to it.
  • Anti-skid and anti-tear cover.


  • The price can be a bit higher

Additional Features

The Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa is designed in California, and this is the best piece of all!

This bed provides joint support which is needed for long hours of sleep. It also supports foam slabs and is machine washable. It is ultra-sleek and comfy, your dog would just love to roll on it. This Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog bed is of 44 inches and will perfectly fit your big/large dogs.

  • Smooth Mattress: After playing with your kids, running around the whole house, and also jumping from one place to another while fetching the tennis ball, your dog surely wants to curl up and take a sweet nap. He gets tired just like you do, and all he wants is something to feel good. Well, this polished and stylish mattress will give him exactly that. As he will lay his head on it, your pup/dog will instantly fall asleep.
  • Bolsters: Bolsters are a must for all types/kind of bed because it provides stability and protection to your dog and also makes sure that he sleeps comfortably. It provides support for long hours of lounging. It is hair-resistant too and is also made in such a way that it lasts longer than expected.
  • Orthopaedic Bed: Orthopaedic beds help a lot because they are big/huge in size and also your giant-sized dog could lay on it with no worries. The bed is big enough so that your dog could stretch out his body and doesn’t have any restriction/problem while doing so. Two types of foam are combined to make this special for your dog. It consists of memory foam and durable support foam.
  • Water-Resistant/Proof: The exterior covering is water-resistant, even if you spill water on it or your dog accidentally pees on it, then you could wash it under the tap or throw it in the machine.
  • Size: The size is very big, your dog will fit in it. Also, some space will be remaining beside him. If you have a big dog like a German shepherd, well buy this for him! The size of the bed is 44-inch x 34inch x 10inch. This especially would be perfect for a dog couple, as they both will fit in it. Or your large dog could easily snuggle in the warmth and cosiness of this bed.
  • Easy to Clean: The bed can be cleaned easily, with help of a wet cloth. You could just wipe down all the dirt or you could sweep the dust away with a help of a broom.
  • Anti-Skid/Non-slip Bottom & Upper cover: The upper and bottom cover is anti-skid which means that the covering is not too silky, it ensures that your dog doesn’t fall and gets itself injured.
  • Anti-Tear: To ensure that your dog doesn’t tear up this bed as he does to the toys and clothes, we have made an anti-tear cover, which can be removed anytime if not needed. Also, it comes with metal zippers.

Product Features

  • Package Dimensions: 34.5 x 22.5 x 10.5 inches; 22.55 Pounds
  • Item Model Number: PET63PC4513
  • Date First Available: August 3, 2018
  • Manufacturer: E&E Co. Ltd DBA JLA Home
  • ASIN: B07G8SJVW7
  • Best Seller Rank: #1,766 in Pet Supplies[See Top 100 in Pet Supplies] #37 in Dogs Beds

Final Verdic

As demonstrated by the reviews, the customers said that the bed is very easy to handle and can be shifted from one place to another. Their dogs loved it, and they feel very comfortable. The bed is roomy, deep and super soft as said above in the description. The puppies love to stretch out and then go back to sleep again. The bed is easy to put together, you could wash the exterior cover if necessary.

This bed is not that squishy kind of bed like the others, it’s just perfect because it is supportive and a bit more firm than the other mattress/pad in the bed. The bed doesn’t have bolsters from all sides, it surely should be there to ensure the safety from all four sides. The orthopaedic beds are easy to assemble and very huge in size. So past its all features, one thing in common is that this bed is highly recommended for your coochie pooch.

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