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Dogtra 1900S Series 1900S Ergonomic 3/4-Mile IPX9K

The Dogtra 1900S Ergonomic ¾ Mile IPX9K Remote Dog Training E-Collar has high demand in the market. This impressive training dog tool is very durable and is waterproof and resistant. It is extremely easy to use as compared to other training collars. The high output given by the collar is mostly preferred by professional trainers to control their dogs/pets. Whether you use it for hunting, controlling his bad behavior, etc, this helps a lot.

  • Design: The Dogtra 1900S Ergonomic Remote training collar has a slim and clean design which makes it easy to wrap it around the dog’s neck as well the receiver’s hand. The design of the collar is super classy and will easily fit on your dog’s neck also the collar is quite versatile. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Waterproof: The durable collar comes with a waterproof material which means it’s easy to use it even if water splashes on the training collar. Dog owners don’t need to worry about the material getting dirty or ruined.
  • ¾ Mile Range: The Dogtra training collar has enough amount of range which is extremely good enough for dog training your dogs as well as giving them commands. The collar has a ¾-mile range which makes it easy to hunt your dog or give them commands when they are being disobedient.
  • Easy to control:The training collar has one hundred and twenty-seven levels of stimulation so the dog owner won’t be having a problem setting the stimulation level. He can easily adjust the level as per his dog’s behavior. The collar comes up with two different types of correction. So chose the one which fits perfectly with your dog.

Additional Features

The Dogtra company has been making training collars for the past twenty years. They know how to give it the right finish, the design, and all of their works are done precisely. The training collar is durable and most demanding. Also, it has a sleek and modern design on the exterior which provides your dog comfort and relaxation. The product is not hard on the skin at any cost. 

Product Features

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches; 8.64 Ounces
  • Item Model Number: 1900S
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium Polymer batteries required[included]
  • Date First Available: August 25, 2015
  • Manufacturer: Dogtra
  • ASIN: B014EV636K
  • Best Sellers Rank: #17,281 in Pet Supplies[See Top 100 in Pet Supplies]
  • #131 in Dog Training Collars

Final Verdict

The quality of this Dogtra 1900S Series Ergonomic Remote Training E-Collar has the best quality ever! And the device works seamlessly and flawlessly, said a reviewer. A reviewer said I had bought a three dog collar, at first I dint trusted the company nor the product but still thought of buying it for my dog and seeing his bad behavior. The idea of giving them a shock and then this will change their behavior was a big no-no for me. This equipment was just for my one dog but well it was a bit expensive. But other than that I loved the training tool. It was sleek and lightweight but the transmitter was a bit heavier and had many buttons on it. 

I first give my dog a couple of vibrates then I give him a low-intensity shock. This keeps him in control. You shouldn’t buy a shock training collar if you don’t have any idea about it or don’t know how to use it. First of all, try watching videos and reading about it. Then give it a try. Other reviewer said, I have a Russian Wolfhound and he is fearless. He walks with pride and I love everything about him. But the only problem with wolfhound is that they chase sheep! Once one of my ewes was killed by a wolfhound, now that where I thought of buying him a training collar which will ensure that my dog’s in control. And also he won’t chase the sheep anymore! So I bought this Dogtra remote training dog e-collar and I gave him the lowest shock level just to see how he reacts. Before giving it to my dog I tested it on myself first. That’s what every dog owner should do. 

Just put it on and check if you feel anything on the skin. If it doesn’t do anything, then increase one level until you feel the tingling. Well, the training collar is not hurtful for you but just the lowest level of tingling can make your dog cry out. I own a german shepherd said a customer, my dog used to hate it whenever I wore him the e-collar. He used to be like, ‘ don’t put on the collar, I promise I won’t chase cats. But please don’t put this thing on me. Well, everyone knows how much a dog is loyal and gives out joy and happiness. My dog kept his words. Every time I held the remote in the hand my dog knew I was going to press the button and give a small shock. This improved his behavior by itself and I didn’t even need to use the Dogtra e-collar many times. I was happy with the results. The training collars are made for your dog to help change their behavior as well as to make them more obedient towards the owner. The collar is not a punishment tool and shouldn’t be used when the owner is angry or frustrated. You should not hurt your dog in any way.

Another reviewer said I loved this training collars because it has so many options and a range of levels. My dog has serious aggression and I wanted to change his behavior towards me, day by day he was getting out of control. So I purchased this Dogtra collar and well it was life-changing for me! The little zap I gave him was impressive. It took a few hours for me to understand the manual and full product.

I mostly use the vibration option to give my dog commands. And now he listens to me. I don’t have the need to go to the next level/option. Because this works perfectly. I loved all features of this training tool and recommend the other customers/reviewers to buy this product. Although I am a bit concerned about the locking feature but rather than that everything was perfect and nor my dog felt uncomfortable with nor me. It is been made with good quality material and your dog can easily walk around with it the whole day.

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