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Dog Collars: Which Type Is Best For Your Dog?

Dog Collars: Which Type Is Best?

Updated: October 25, 2020

There are a variety of dog collars available in the market or at an online store. One needs to be clear about their purpose for purchasing a collar. For instance, some dog owners would opt for standard collars when they only want to attach a leash for the convenience of taking their dogs outdoors. On the other hand, others might want to train their stubborn dogs and hence will ultimately choose an Electric collar.

After setting the purpose for buying a collar, you then need to consider the fact that every dog is different, so their requirements will differ too. By this, we mean keeping in mind that every dog varies in size, shape, and some might be sensitive while the other may not, etc.

In this article, we will introduce you to some standard collars as well as some training collars. So you can see for yourself the wide range of dog collars available and select one of the best collars for your canine.

Those looking for a regular collar for their pet, to which they can attach a leash or some identification tag can choose from the following:

Flat Dog Collar

Flat Collars

These collars are the basic ones that come with a quick-release buckle or plastic snap. They are available in various colors and designs. These flat collars are comfortable on a dog’s neck, but a person should ensure that it’s neither too tight nor too loose.

These collars are easily available in different colors and patterns. A pet owner can select one that looks adorable on their dog.

Head (300 x 300)

Head Collars

The head collars have a unique design. They consist of two straps. One strap goes on the neck above the ears, and the other strap of the collar falls on the muzzle part of the dogs.

They are useful against dogs who like to scavenge and sniffle around a lot during their walk. They have the added advantage of preventing dogs from their unwanted barking and biting.

Martingale Dog Collar

Martingale Collars

These collars are a perfect option that does not allow a dog to escape from its hold. The collar has a separate small loop that helps in adjusting the tightness and looseness whenever a dog moves its head.

This feature thus prevents dogs from choking themselves. Its small adjustable loop is a great advantage that no other dog collar has.

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Shock Collars

These collars use electric currents to train dogs. Dog owners always opt for top-rated dog shock collars like the one offered by Dog care and Educator E-collars. They do prove themselves to be effective as slowly-slowly the stubborn dogs do come to follow their owner’s command.

A shock collar comes in three different stimulations that are Vibration, tone, and shock.

So, if purchasing a shock collar, select one that has all three types of stimulations in it.

  • A vibration mode is suitable for times when one wants to grab their dog’s attention.
  • The tone mode is effective at signaling the dog’s to do a particular action.
  • The last, shock mode can be used to deter them from their ill-mannered behavior like excessive barking or chewing.

These shock collars are safe till the point when low-level of stimulations are used and dangerous when someone abuses the controls.

Dog Collars

  • Choke Chain: It is a metal chain link whose main purpose is to train dogs by tightening this choke chain around their neck. One should ask an expert dog trainer about how to use them because they are not usually recommended. They are dangerous for your dogs as they can cause them injuries and can also choke them to death.
  • Prong Collar: Also known as pinch collars, these are chain links connected with each other. It is an open-ended chain with blunted points. This collar is a harsh way of teaching dog obedience. The blunted points on the chain pierce through their skin that causes wounds and infections on their neck. Thus, this collar is not recommended that much.

Now let’s move on to some other collars that are designed for a specific purpose.

  • Flea or Tick Collars: As the name suggests, they are collars that help in dealing with flea and tick infestation. The collar releases chemical substances that are effective in killing the fleas and ticks on your dog’s fur. They work for a limited period of time.
  • Lighted collars: These lighted collars have a light source on them that works in the dark. It is best for dogs who run away at night and makes it easier for outsiders and vehicles to spot them easily. Thus, with this, you can rest a bit that your dog will not get in an accident. They will be a very good product for street dogs.
  • Elizabethan Collar: A collar to deter your dog from licking or scratching themselves when they have recently undergone surgery or have injured themselves. It is not a convenient collar, so many experts recommend other products like anti-lick spray and bandages to deal with the habit.
  • Bark Control Collars: Though shock collars also cater to the problem of the dog’s unwanted barking. Some bark collars have unique features. They have this spray feature wherein when dogs bark continuously, citronella or air will get sprayed on their mouth, and that will deter them from further barking.
  • GPS Collars: We all know that we use GPS to track someone. So, this particular collar uses global positioning satellite technology to track a dog if in case he gets lost somewhere on his way back home. A fine collar that will help you locate your dog.
  • Breakaway Collars: These collars are designed in such a way to ensure the safety of the dogs. There have been many cases where a dog has strangled itself to death when they try to pull themselves against a tightened collar. So, this particular collar has a safety buckle that will break-free when force is exerted on the collar by the dogs.
  • Reflective Collars: A reflective collar is made from a unique material that shines back when the light hits it. It bounces back another light as a response. These collars can be used when you allow your dog to take a night walk on his own. They provide a viable solution for the safety of street dogs.
  • Dog Harnesses: As pointed by many pet owners, dog harnesses are comparatively safer for dogs as well as young pups. Instead of putting stress on the neck with a collar, a harness usually equals the force on the whole body. The straps of a harness cover a dog’s back and front portion.

You know there is a trick by which you can check if the collar perfectly fits on your dog’s neck. It is called the two-finger method. If you cannot slide your two fingers underneath the collar when the dog is wearing it, then that means it is too tight on the neck. And, when there is space for more than two fingers, the collar is way loose on your pet. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure the fight of the collar. A tight dog collar can create suffocation or choking effect, while a loose dog collar can easily let a dog slip out of it.


In the end, it totally depends on you, on what kind of collar you will select for your canine. You need to remember your dog’s requirements before purchasing one. If you have smaller breeds of dogs, a small size collar would be apt for them. On the other hand, an adjustable collar is more preferred for large dogs. Taking note of what material a collar is made from is necessary too, as some dogs have sensitive skin, and certain cheap materials used can cause them rashes.

One should definitely consider the top-rated collars because they are the ones that pet owners generally like. Look at the reviews made by other customers because that also helps us analyze products. It may take a few trial methods to arrive at the best dog collar or the best electric dog collar.

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