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Best Shock Collars for Dogs – Train Your Dog with E-Collar

Shock collars? What are they used for? Are they safe for dogs? We will answer all your questions and will let you know all about the advantages and disadvantages of Best Shock Collars for Dogs.

Pet owners who have become unruly or dogs who have become ignorant of their owner’s command. They are basically a device to train dogs on how to behave appropriately. Let us explain to you what we meant by training a dog to behave appropriately.

For instance, your dog has this habit of barking without any reason, or they are the ones who ruin every furniture or bedding because of their excessive chewing. Or simply for those canines who do not listen to their owners. So, this is where a shock collar comes as useful. They are designed specifically for this purpose. Also, shock collars are used mostly on dogs for military, police, and service training.

Those who have finally decided to get their dogs an electric collar can see our reviews of the best dog shock collar with a remote.

10 Best Shock Collars For Dogs Reviews

1. Dog Care Dog Training Collar

An electric collar that features 3 training modes with 99 different static levels and low voltage for a gentle correction to not hurt your pup. It helps in training your furry pet with the beep vibration or shock modes. It comes with a range of up to 330 yards so you can give your companion some room to roam. The dog care shock dog training collar uses advanced technology to start a new communication method with your sidekick. It has 9 transmission channels that help to train 9 dogs together.

The best device for midsize to large breeds that incorporates the 3 training modes: vibration, tone, and shock stimulation. This E-collar proves effective in multiple ways and improves your canine’s behavior in a humane manner.

Additional Features Of Dog Care Dog Training Collar

  • It has a security keypad lock to prevent any misoperation on the remote.
  • It is an adjustable collar to accommodate dogs of all sizes.
  • It has an adjustable static level.


  • This collar also includes a long battery life.
  • This training device has 3 modes of training.
  • It allows training 3 dogs together at the same time
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • The collar is waterproof.


  • This product offers less range as compared to other collars.
  • It is not suitable for small breed dogs.
  • Adjusting the length of the collar can be trouble.

2. SPORTDOG Brand Fieldtrainer 425

Sportdog is the most recognized brand. A remote trainer that features a 500-yard range and can be used to train 3 dogs with the same Remote Transmitter with the purchase of additional collars. It is waterproof and has a rechargeable dog training collar with a tone, vibration, and shock stimulation.

An ideal electric collar that can be used for training in the yard or field or for hunting with close-working dogs. This electric collar receiver can fit dogs of 8 pounds or more.

Additional Features Of SPORTDOG Brand Fieldtrainer 425

  • This collar also has the option to train with vibration (buzz) and tone (beep).
  • The transmitter and collar receiver are made with Drytek technology, making them waterproof.
  • It offers three features: tone, vibration, and shock.

The Remote and collar feature a low battery indicator and both can be charged at the same time using the included split-end charger that came with it, thus saving time. The way that the transmitter fits serenely in your grasp is something you will unquestionably like about the gadget.


  • A small transmitter that is easy to handle.
  • It has rechargeable batteries.
  • It has 7 adjustable levels of stimulation.


  • The batteries don’t last for too long.

3. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

This E-collar has ½ mile range, a small receiver suitable for dogs up to 5 pounds. It is best for small dogs. This collar provides 100 different levels of stimulation.

Educator E-collar remotes very clean stimulation without the normal head jerking motion of the dogs often found in other training collars. It utilizes the lock and set technology effectively.

This certain collar is adaptable. It can be used for preparing little and large canines to behave themselves. It is one of the most popular products. It has a small collar. A trainer that stands out to prove its effectiveness.

Additional Features Of Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

  • It has a level locking feature that ensures that if accidentally the dial is turned, the stimulation working level will remain the same as before.
  • It has the option of both momentary and continuous stimulation.
  • The device has a waterproof, floating remote.
  • They have waterproof receivers too.
  • It has a mini ergonomic stopwatch transmitter.


  • An additional boost stimulus selectable from 1 to 60.
  • It is provided with a Led flashlight feature to make dogs visible at night.
  • It has a Quad battery charger with a 2-hour full charge.
  • It has a ½ mile range.
  • It is economical and has a 2-year warranty.
  • This trainer gives a hassle-free experience.


  • The batteries have a short life, not lasting more than 6 or 7 months.
  • It has a bulky remote.

4. Dogtra 1900S ¾ Mile Range 1 Dog Training Collar System

The ultimate dog training tool that is durable, dependable, and designed for the most demanding conditions. It has the versatility needed for bigger dogs. This system is the unit choice for serious amateurs and award winning professional trainers in pet obedience. The 1900S is a great multi-reason electronic choker for unassuming or obstinate canines. A 100% waterproof electronic training collar. This new electronic collar is loaded with Dogtra highlights including a 3/4 mile range, three diverse stimulation types; Nick, Constant, and pager/vibration.

The receiver collar is made of mostly polyester and a bit of nylon to give a rather soft texture that is comfortable on your dog’s skin.

Additional Features Of Dogtra 1900S ¾ Mile Range 1 Dog Training Collar System

  • It is 100 percent waterproof.
  • The transmitter has an LCD display.
  • The transmitter has a pager button.
  • The product comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • The remote trainer has a ¾ mile range suitable for all breeds with mild to most stubborn temperament.
  • The remote transmitter has a level of 0 to 127 stimulation.
  • Its collar can fit dogs up to 35 pounds and plus.


  • It may not be as durable as other other electric collars.
  • The chipping of paint can be seen on the device.
  • It may be pricey for some.

5. Petrainer Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

An electric color used for basic dog obedience, hunting, digging, aggressive barking, jumping up bolting, and more. With its 330 yards range, it makes it the perfect indoor, backyard, or a walk in the park training tool. The vibration has a wide range of stimulation that goes from 0 to 100, to ensure you find a correct level to help improve your dog’s obedience.

This E-collar is used by expert trainers and new pet owners. It is the best solution to train your dog to behave.

A brand, known for its very good customer service to help out people. This electronic device comes with an adjustable TPU collar width and is fully waterproof design.

Additional Features Of Petrainer Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

  • It has shock, vibration, tone, and light function.
  • It comes with a rechargeable waterproof receiver.
  • It also has a light Mode to assist in seeing a dog in low light conditions.
  • The device has a power-saving design with automatic standby and memory function.


  • The remote trainer has a ¾ mile range suitThe dog training collar is expandable up to 2 dogs to one remote transmitter.
  • The collar receiver and transmitter can be charged at the same time and thus saves time.
  • There are 100 levels of static shock, 100 levels of vibration, and 1 level of standard tone.
  • The collar is able to fit the small, medium, large dogs, and puppies.
  • It is easy to operate and an ergonomic transmitter.
  • It is an effective and safe training system with auto protector mode.
  • The quick and straightforward pairing process between the remote transmitter and the collar.
  • It has an LCD display featuring a blue backlight for nighttime.


  • The shock transmitted may be inconsistent sometimes.
  • There is no separate mode button for each type of stimulation.
  • The remote control is not of good quality.

6. Pettech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar

Pettech remote controlled dog shock collars are popularly used by expert trainers and first-time or new pet owners. It can be used for various purposes such as to help correct barking, walking, leash training, sitting, aggression, and other behavioral obedience. It offers a great 1200 foot range.

You can also use a tone (beep) mode, which will act as an audible warning to the dogs.

An E-collar brand that gives a lifetime guarantee on the product. It is easy to operate and has 4 modes of stimulation. It also has an audio warning to warn dogs.

Additional Features Of Pettech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar

  • This training collar is available with 4 modes: shock, light, vibration, and beep.
  • Its auto-protect mode helps conserve battery.
  • It comes with an LCD remote controller.


  • It is safe for all size dogs (10 lb-100lb)
  • The device is rechargeable and waterproof.
  • This trainer can train 2 dogs at once.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • This brand offers a lifetime replacement guarantee if you have any issue with your training collar, the manufacturer will provide a full replacement or refund.
  • It has a wide array of 1 to 100 levels of customization for both static stimulation and vibration.


  • The remote has an auto-sleep function.

7. Dogtra IQ Remote Trainer

One of the most simple collars in the market, yet the most powerful. It features a 400-yard range. The size of the receiver is small to fit a 10-pound dog. A tool trusted by many professionals for shaping obedience in our furry friends.

The iQ PLUS collar has training modes in Nick, Constant, and pager vibration and expandable training that allows two dogs to be trained simultaneously.

Consistent communication is made within its 400-yards range.

Additional Features Of Dog Care Dog Training Collar

  • It has an automatic shut off if the continuous stimulation button is pressed by mistake.
  • There is a total of 100 levels of stimulation.
  • There is a magnetic on and off switch on the remote and collar.
  • The pager button sends a vibration to the collar.
  • It can be easily operated one-handedly.


  • The trainer is simple to operate.
  • Provides a wide range of stimulation level.
  • 2-hour rapid charge batteries.
  • This electric collar is reasonably priced and can be afforded by most.
  • It has a waterproof collar.
  • It comes with a water-resistant remote.
  • It has the smallest remote collar, suitable for small dogs as well.
  • The device has a sleek design.


  • This training collar can train only one dog at a time.
  • It is not suitable for dogs of all sizes.
  • Not expandable.

8. Patpet Dog Training Collar

Electric collars produced by Patpet are suitable for dogs weighing up to 8.8lbs. This dog collar has a very attractive design with sleek lines and includes all three modes of stimulations that is beep, vibration and static Shock. The collar has adjustable straps that assures comfort for a dog. This training device offers a range of 330 yards, making it perfect to be used while outdoor walks.

A Patpet training system can support 2 dogs together. The collar and the receiver are 100% waterproof.

Coming to its remote or the transmitter, it has 8 levels of vibration and 6 levels of static shock. It has a large LCD screen that makes it easier for pet owners to see and remember the reading of stimulation transmitted. A great feature is that each mode has its separate button which reduces the risk of accidental shocking.

The remote too is waterproof along with the collar, making these training devices apt to be used in different weathers.

Additional Features Of Patpet Dog Training Collar

  • Suitable for almost every dog weighing up to 8.8lbs.
  • The device offers a 330 yard remote range.
  • It has 8 vibration levels.
  • It gives 16 static shock level options.
  • 2 dogs can be trained together.


  • A fully waterproof electric collar.
  • Stylish receiver and collar with attractive designs.
  • Easy to use and understand remote control.
  • It comes with a 2-in-1 splitter charging cable.
  • The Patpet gives a 1-year replacement guarantee on the device.


  • The batteries seem to fail quickly and do not last long.
  • The straps of the collar can be difficult to adjust for smaller breeds.
  • The buttons are such that it is easy to hit the wrong mode button.

9. Vinsic Dog Training Collar

Those pet owners who want the best shock collar for small dogs need to consider the one by Vinsic. It is a stylish training device that is suitable for medium breed dogs and smaller dogs that weigh over 10 lbs. The transmitter comes with all the three modes of stimulation and each one has a separate button. A separate button for each function prevents any over-stimulation accidents. This device has a range of 330 yards. Though the receiver is waterproof, the transmitter is not.

One good feature of this particular training device is that the compact receiver can easily be removed from its collar. This allows pet parents to use any other collar when the original one has been damaged. This electric collar can be used to train 2 dogs together with a purchase of an extra collar. Though it has a rechargeable lithium battery, the batteries do not last long and sometimes the charging may be ineffective. But, overall it’s the best one out of all for small dogs.

Additional Features Of Vinsic Dog Training Collar

  • This electric collar provides 5 intensity levels to adjust with.
  • Adjustable strap circumference gives more flexibility to try on different neck sizes.
  • It can be recharged via USB.
  • It has a minimalist design.


  • A fully waterproof electric collar.
  • StylisEasy to understand and use remote design.
  • Separate mode buttons are there for convenience in operation.
  • A rainproof receiver helps in training a dog in harsh conditions also.


  • The Vinsic dog training collar doesn’t resist well to wear and tear.
  • It can be expensive for some pet parents.
  • The system does not have a big range.

10. Dogtra D3500 NCP Super X Training Collar

[earnist ref=”d3500-ncp-super-x-training-col-2″ id=”3657″]


  • This training device offers a long signal range.
  • Fully waterproof transmitter and receiver making it compatible to be used in any kind of weather.
  • There are 127 levels of adjustable static stimulation.
  • Suitable for dogs weighing 20lbs and over.
  • Backlit LCD screen makes it easier to check the readings.

Pet owners who have shepherded dogs and hounds must check this training collar by Dogtra. The remote controller comes with three separate buttons. Nick mode can be used in cases of quick corrections. Constant simulations can be of use to correct behavioral issues like aggression. And, the vibration mode can simply be used to grab your dog’s attention or when you do not want to use a static shock. It has a removable receiver that can be fixed on any other collar.

The remote has a battery indicator that helps in making pet parents aware when to charge it.

It has an adjusting wheel button to set the impulse intensity and has a total of 127 levels of static stimulation. This training collar can only be used to train a single dog at a time, hence its system is not expandable. The straps of this collar may be of cheap quality and can break sooner than expected. Also, this particular device is not at all recommended for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs.


  • A simple transmitter design makes it easier to operate.
  • Comes with a free e-collar training manual with all important instructions.
  • A perfect Electric collar for extreme outdoor training.
  • The transmitter has a battery level indicator.


  • The system is not expandable, only one dog can be trained at a time.
  • Cheap quality or flimsy rubber strap.
  • Not suitable for small breed dogs.

Buying Guide for Best Shock Collars for Dogs

Best Dog Shock Collars

Your dog holds a big place in your heart, don’t let the jumping up, digging, or other non-desirable behaviors of theirs affect your relationship with them. They could be trained to bring them back on track and be made into an obedient furry buddy.

One is recommended to get an electric collar when they think it is next to impossible to make their stray dogs well-behaved. We all want our doggies to be loved by everyone, but what if they are the ones who are acting rude and bossy or just simply ignorant to everyone around them. For instance, some bark at people, despite their owners trying to stop them, they simply become uncontrollable. Or, the ones who are habitual biters and tend to destroy everything, even after various warnings from their human owners. Thus, these Best Shock Collars for Dogs are for our ignorant canines to make them more friendly and well-mannered.

A dog training device is any collar that is intended to demoralize terrible practices or habits of canine. The collar will radiate a type of negative stimulus in response to your canine’s ill-mannered activities. In the case of a bark collar, it recognizes the conduct itself or for other devices, there will be a remote controller that will allow you to set off the stimulus when the terrible conduct happens. These collars might be ideal for an individual who’s managing a wild canine. For instance, old canines would not cause many problems to their owner, but the small breeds or the younger ones can be more aggressive and hard to deal with.

The most seasoned structure is a “stun” collar, however, a ton has changed from that point forward; they’re not, at this point, difficult and insensitive.

There are three essential types of these E- collars and they usually all have remote transmitters for you to enact the restraint of dogs.  These three types are Static shock, vibration, and tone. The static shock type will produce a shock intently equivalent to that of a static shock and depends on distress to show your canine that terrible conduct implies negative sentiments. The vibration will principally depend on shock and some inconvenience to connect disagreeableness with the terrible conduct. Sound will use your canine’s more delicate hearing to instruct him that his awful conduct will put off an unpleasant commotion. The sound or tone is usually a kind of beep.

Benefits of Best Shock Collars for Dogs

Best Shock Collars for Dogs

E-collars have many benefits of their own. They show fast results and improvements. Giving the dogs slight stimulations a few times will stop their unwanted behavior instantly and other times, vibrations and tones could be used as reminders for them when they engage in the same behavior. Energized canines frequently roam around or go insane during their strolls. This can really be stopped by using a shock collar. The shock collar would quiet your canine with the goal that both of you can keep having a serene walk. Simultaneously, you can also control his conduct.

With Best Shock Collars for Dogs, pet owners do not have to chase their dogs wherever they go. A remote transmitter does all the work. After making the dog familiar with a certain stimulation and associating it as a message to come back, a single press of the button and the dog will come running back. But this requires spending a lot of time training your dog. The intensity of the shock transmitted can be adjusted and regulated and there are other modes of vibrations and tones too to train a dog. Also, the limit of shock is not harmful, they are set on a humane basis. Canines that are exceptionally fun-loving or have a solid character will in general defy their proprietors a ton.

In the event that you request that they sit, they’ll typically stand up or even go around. For these kinds of canines, a vibrating training collar can be valuable since it disciplines them.

After getting familiar with a training collar the next question that arises is, how to decide which Electronic collar is best for your dog? Here, we list the main factors one should consider before buying one collar.

Which Shock Collar to select?

Best Shock Collars for Dogs

Your main purpose behind opting for Best Shock Collars for Dogs. There are many products of different brands available for pet owners. Some of these are specifically designed for a single purpose while there are E-collars that can be used for multiple purposes. So, you need to be specific about whether you need a yard training collar or a bark collar. Or, a collar to train a working dog?

The next thing to be concerned about is safety. It is our responsibility to ensure our dogs are safe and sound. So, one should opt for an electric collar that does not harm the pets, but discourages them from certain behavior. A training collar that comes with all 3 modes of training which are vibration, tone, and shock stimulation should be chosen. In some products stimulation level could be adjusted and locked to prevent accidental over stimulations.

The range offered by various E-collar brands is also important to consider. The range of the product basically refers to until what distance the transmitter will be effectively able to give the collar command. The standard range of ½ mile is enough, but one could always opt for a product giving a higher range and thus providing a dog more area to roam.

To find the perfect size of an electric collar for your canine is of utmost importance. Avoid buying large size collars for small breeds and vice-versa. There are products that have an adjustable collar and thus are more preferred.  The temperament of one’s dog is also necessary to consider as a more stubborn one would require more stimulations. Thus, choosing a product that offers many levels of stimulation is a good one.

Having multiple modes of Electric collar has more advantages. The different modes are vibration, tone, and shock stimulation. Having all three modes in one device will give pet owners a variety of options to train their dog with, one could also get to know which mode suits their dog better or to which mode he is more likely to be responsive. One could always change the intensity of these modes according to different situations.

From dog training to be effective, the stimulation used is associated with the behavior that needs to be discouraged. The Transmitter and the collar receiver should be able to pair up fast and easily. The wireless connection between them should work properly and effectively. There should be no glitches or unreliable connections between them. Products who have claimed to be waterproof, their collar receiver and transmitter should be able to transmit the stimulation accurately when the dog is gone in water under some circumstance.

Although these training collars are always expensive there are some products that are relatively cheaper than the most expensive ones. But when looking for a reasonably priced device do not compromise with the safety of your dog, look out for ones that have good features, and are capable of giving a good performance.

5 Tips for beginners On training Their Dog

After buying an appropriate electric collar for your doggo, the next step you do is to try the collar on your pet. Just make sure that the collar fits perfectly on your pet’s neck, it should not be too tight nor too loose. The contact points of the collar should touch your dog’s skin so that the stimulation could be transmitted properly. It is advisable to leave one finger or two-finger space before tightening the collar on your pet’s neck.

Storing: Electric collars are expensive to purchase so they should be stored properly as no one would want to spend more money on it again. The charger should be kept along with the transmitter and the collar when not in use. A separate pouch bag could be used for this purpose so that it is out of reach of children and prevent them from misusing it.

Modes: There are electric collars with different modes of training which are vibration, tone, and shock stimulation. It is preferable if one opts for a collar that has all the modes. Each mode can be used to train the dog for different purposes. For example, If you simply want your dog’s attention when he’s looking away, but don’t want to give a shock stimulation one could use the vibration or the tone option in such situations. Therefore, an electric collar with all the modes can be very useful for different circumstances.

Behaviour: While training your dog with an electric collar, it is important to acknowledge your dog when is behaving accordingly. One could give rewards to them like petting them or give them a treat making them know that they are doing great. Otherwise, a monotonous training could make them feel less interested and they will rather decide on taking the shock stimulation than being interactive

This may be the last tip, but is one of the most important. Never leave the electric collar for a long time on your pet’s neck. It is always advised to take it off once you have finished training them. Since these are electrical products it is always better to be extra careful.

These E-collars or the “shock collar” that most people oppose its use and term it as an inhumane treatment towards the dog, but these products are not harmful if one uses them within the proper guidance and rules. The canines would not be hurt unless and until someone abuses these devices, and pet owners won’t do that, they only opted for the training collars to initially teach their dogs certain behavior in certain conditions. When their furry buddies become out of their control and pet owners have no option other than an electric device to be a little strict with them.

For the ones who were worried about the word, shock can relax a bit as these products come up with a controller that can easily adjust the intensity of the static shocks and one can always use a lower intensity shock to warn them against something they must not do. By and large, dog collars are protected as they don’t generally hurt your canine by any means. What they do is they give your canine a somewhat awkward sensation or a feeling. This is done so that your canine partner’s rowdiness of being ignorant can be improved.

Many expert trainers claim that a vibration mode is much better than a sound or tone mode. A device with a tone feature makes the collar unit emit a quiet beep, we feel that vibration is a more effective alternative because your dog is the only dog that will feel the vibration. But in the case of a tone stimulation, other dogs can hear your dog’s tone and your dog may hear another dog’s tone command which may cause confusion. As we humans age, we tend to lose our hearing ability too.

Similarly, when dogs get old their hearing ability also reduces therefore in that case a tone mode would not be that effective. A vibration mode will become helpful as the old dogs will still be able to feel the sensations.


Additionally, the best shock collar brands are known to have control settings that permit you to control the mode and power of the shock. However, if one uses a low-intensity level shock, you don’t need to be stressed about the safety of your dog. Your canine may get somewhat scared out by the shock collar and may even try to avoid it, but a bit of uneasiness is important to teach him if he’s displaying any boisterous conduct.

All things considered, it’s significant that you purchase the Best Shock Collars for Dogs with the greatest highlights accessible. At any rate with those highlights, you can control how much inconvenience or stimulations you give.

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