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Best Invisible Dog Fences to Buy in 2021

We all love our furry friends a lot and we want to give them the best we could, be it their favorite food, a toy, or sometimes something as simple as freedom. Giving your dog the freedom to roam in the yard comes with a lot of risks no one is willing to take. No one wants their dog running on the roads unsupervised, roaming on the neighbor’s lawn, or worst case, being in the middle of traffic. While putting up physical fences could be an option, it does not give the dog a feeling of being in the open and it could be suffocating even for the owners as these fences do make you feel trapped. This is where the best invisible dog fences come to our rescue.

It is amazing to think about all the amazing products we have discovered to make our lives easier, one of which is an invisible dog fence. The market provides us with the best invisible dog fences for our four-legged friend. These come in different shapes, sizes, and types for us to choose from based on our comfort.

Most of us don’t understand why it is important to set boundaries for our dogs when we let them play or even while we are training them. The possibilities of dogs getting in a fatal accident are so high, and we are not prepared to handle that in any way. Invisible dog fences could be a little more expensive than the traditional fences which trap your dog, but you would appreciate the results once you have installed these invisible fences and trained your dogs to them.

So the basic principle of these invisible fences is that they come with an electric collar. The fences allow you to set up a boundary across your yard in areas where your dog is allowed to roam free, once the dog crosses this boundary, the e-collar gives an electric shock to the dog. A lot of us would be against using these e-collars to protect their dogs, but in reality, e-collars are not as harsh as they sound to be. You just have to make sure to invest in the best product in the market and train your dog for a few days, after which most dogs don’t even require an e-collar.

Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System (Editor's Choice) Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System (Editor’s Choice)
  • Unlike traditional in-ground fences, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary.
  • A wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires
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SportDOG Underground Wire Electric Fence SportDOG Underground Wire Electric Fence
  • Rechargeable collar features lithium-ion batteries with 2-hour quick charge and one to two month battery life.
  • Collar gives Tone (beep) and vibration (Buzz) warning before moving to one of seven static stimulation levels
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Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence
  • Most Other Inground Dog Fence Systems Claim to be Water Resistant.
  • The eXtreme Dog Fence Collar Receiver is COMPLETELY Waterproof and Submersible to 10 Feet
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PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence
  • In YardMax mode, your pet will have more room than traditional in-ground fences by receiving correction right at the boundary wire instead of before.
  • Allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary
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PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence
  • A wireless boundary allows you to create a safe barrier around your yard to protect your pets without spending time burying wires.
  • Take this compact, portable fence with you when you and your dog go camping or travel in your RV
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PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System
  •  With the purchase of additional collars, this in-ground fence system allows you to safely contain an unlimited number of pets.
  • This do-it-yourself weekend project lets you create an in-ground fence designed to fit your yard
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Pet Control HQ Replacement Dog Collar Containment System Pet Control HQ Replacement Dog Collar Containment System
  • This collar detects when your dog gets close to the boundary wire and responds.
  • If you’ve lost a collar or have a new dog to protect, the Pet Control HQ Dog Training Collar strap is designed for dogs 
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Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced
  • We are confident you will be completely satisfied with our dog training and containment system.
  • Should something go wrong know that we will have you covered.
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Electric Dog Fence and Pet Containment System Electric Dog Fence and Pet Containment System
  • Tone & Static correction. Perfect for mild mannered to more stubborn dogs.
  • The system is completely customizable to the shape of your property
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DOGTEK 500ft Boundary Wire For Electronic Dog Fence System DOGTEK 500ft Boundary Wire For Electronic Dog Fence System
  • Yellow polyethylene jacket
  • Excellent physical protection as well as static and oxidation resistance
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10 Best Invisible Dog Fences Reviews

1. Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System


  • Easy to install
  • Range up to 90 feet
  • 5 levels of stimulation.
  • Suitable for dogs about 6 months’ old

Petsafe is a renowned company, known for delivering the best pet care products. Petsafe started supplying wireless pet containment system. This is a wireless type of pet fence system. This is possibly the best wireless fence for dogs.

This is a great way to ditch the traditional wired fence. It is very easy to set up this wireless system and use it. All you have to do is to set the machine in the center of the area where you want to set up the boundary and activate the system.

The system generates continuous radio signals up to 90 feet in all directions. It only takes about 2 hours to set up, after which you can start training your dog.

A receiver caller is set up on the dog’s neck, so whenever the dog crosses the set boundary the collar sets off an alarm and also sends static stimulation, which corrects the dog.

Additional Details

  • Has a waterproof collar with an adjustable size of about 6-28 inches.
  • Covers up to 180 feet in diameter, and could be expanded using additional transmitters.
  • Additional wireless fence receiver collars are sold separately, so unlimited dogs can be trained.
  • Comes with 5 levels of correction, and 2 modes of correction: tone-only mode for a beep tone with 30 seconds out and a static correction which also comes with 30 seconds timeout.
  • The entire package comes with: A Wireless transmitter with the power adapter, receiver collar with a battery, a test light, operating and training guide, and boundary training flags
  • The flags are very helpful as they act as a visual aid, pet owners who do not like the idea of static stimulation prefer using the flags and the tone on the collar.


  • Larger areas could be set and expanded
  • The number of dogs could be increased
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Multiple levels of correction.


  • It is very sensitive to metal objects
  • Could be trouble setting up a boundary if placed around areas with a high metal presence.

2. SportDOG Underground Wire Electric Fence


  • Cost-effective
  • Waterproof collar
  • 1000 feet wire
  • 4 levels of stimulation
  • Replaceable battery
  • Ideal for dogs of 10lbs or above

SportDog is another famous company, which makes great wireless fence options for pet owners. This could replace your traditional fence very easily with its easy setup.

This is an underground fence system, which means that the wires have to be put into the desired area after digging out the land. This works best when you have a smaller area to cover or if the property is in an irregular shape.

It is a rechargeable fence system, the collar comes with a Li-Ion battery that charges pretty fast (in about 2 hours) and has a battery life of about 2 months.

Additional Details

  • It includes 1000 feet of wire and 100 flags, which could cover an area of 100 acres
  • Comes with 7 levels of static stimulation and 2 modes of correction (tone and vibration)
  • The collar is waterproof and has a great battery life
  • The best feature in this is the in-built lightning protection and wire break alarm for safety.
  • The packaging comes with: Fence Transmitter with Charger, Collar Receiver with Charger, Boundary Wire, Operating Guide, Test Light Tool, Boundary Flags, Long Probes, Wire Nuts.


  • Covers a great area
  • Could be used in minimal areas as well
  • In-built safety system
  • More number of flags
  • Comes with warranty


  • The battery on the collar could be a bit large for smaller breeds of dogs, this could cause an obstruction to their neck.
  • The collar is plastic, which could be uncomfortable for the pet.

3. Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence


  • Covers up to 10 acres of area
  • 5 levels of stimulation
  • Can be used for several dogs
  • Waterproof collar receiver
  • Has a 10-year warranty.

This is a very high-quality in-ground fence system. While most of the electric fence comes with a gauge 20 wiring, extreme dog fence comes with a 14 gauge wiring, which means they provide more electrical safety.

This is the fence system that comes with the highest level of safety. It has very special features that attract pet owners. The entire system, along with the collars are waterproof.

One of the major problems with electrical fence systems is that they get affected by climatic changes or temperature changes, but with extreme dog fence, you don’t have to worry about that. It comes with a program that can cope up with extreme temperature changes.

Additional Details

  • Comes with a digital transmitter, which allows you to set the signal field width and also lets you program the collar’s correction level.
  • Has a waterproof collar that could be submerged into the water as deep as 10 feet, so now your dog can play in the pool wearing these and you could still keep track of it.
  • The collar comes with 2 types of contact probes for dogs with longer hair and dogs with shorter hair
  • The fence wire is lightweight, solid copper core wire, which can cover up to 6 acres.
  • The areas could be customized with the wiring in different shapes according to your property.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for the electronics and a lifetime warranty for the fence.
  • The package comes with: Digital Transmitter with Power Supply, Waterproof Collar Receiver, 500′ of 20 Gauge Boundary Wire, Set of Short and Long Contact Probes, Set of Conductive Rubber Comfort Covers, 6v Collar Receiver Battery, 50 Training Flags, 2 Waterproof Splice Kits


  • Covers a very large area
  • Very safe to use
  • High-quality product
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Efficient customer support.


  • Very expensive compared to other in-ground fences.

4. PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence


  • Rechargeable
  • Cost-effective
  • 2 levels of stimulation
  • Expandable up to 10 acres.

The PetSafe YardMax is an in-ground type of fence, which could be used both indoors and outdoors. This fence comes with a rechargeable receiver collar; unlike other collars, you can charge this collar whenever it runs out of battery. It covers a great area and allows you to increase the boundary area by adding more wires.

YardMax comes with a special feature that allows you to increase the yard space. The correction will be received by the dog only when the dog crosses the set fence wires, this increases the play area for the dog.

Additional Details

  • It can cover up to 1/3 acre, and by adding extra wires the area could be increased to about 10 acres.
  • The collar is waterproof and rechargeable
  • This fence also works great indoors. You can train your dog to be safe from an everyday household object, or even train the dog to not get on the couch or other furniture.
  • The package comes with: Transmitter with power adaptor, YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence with adjustable collar, Surge protector, Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 500 feet of 20-gauge solid copper dog fence wire, 50 training flags, Waterproof splice capsules, and wire nuts, Short and long contact points for short or long-haired pets, Test light tool, Product Manual


  • Great for smaller breeds
  • Cost-effective
  • Expandable
  • Can add extra collars for more dogs
  • Comes with warranty


  • The additional wiring and collars are expensive
  • Any kind of repair requires original brand replacements, which are expensive
  • The component quality needs improvement

5. PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence


  • Covers 210 feet in diameter
  • 5 levels of stimulation
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof collar.
  • Canopy available for added shade.

The PetSafe Stay and Play fence is a wireless fence that gives your dog a circular playground of about 210 acres in diameter. It is easy to install and the components are portable and easy to carry. The Petsafe fences are very easy to use, all you have to do is set the transmitter in the center of the yard(indoors) and connect it to the electric supply and then you can set the safe zone and it takes only 2 hours to set up, after which your dog can have its freedom.

This fence works best for smaller yard space. The best part about this fence is that it is a wireless type, which means you don’t have to waste time burying the wires. This fence works better with the flat leveled ground.

Additional Details

  • It gives about ¾-acre circular coverage from the placement of the indoor transmitter
  • Comes with 2 modes of correction and 5 levels of stimulation. The 2 modes could be set according to the needs of the pet, either a simple tone or a static correction
  • Comes with a waterproof collar
  • Easy to set up and it is a very portable system
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • The packaging comes with: Wireless transmitter with power adaptor, Waterproof adjustable collar with a rechargeable battery, Collar charger,50 training flags, Test light tool, Short and long contact points for short or long-haired pets, Contact point wrench, Product Manual


  • Easy to set up, portable
  • Multiple levels of correction
  • Perfect for smaller dogs
  • The battery of the collar has a long life


  • Works best for smaller areas
  • Cannot function well on steeps or unleveled ground
  • The boundary gets disturbed with temperature extremities.

6. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence System


  • Perfect for small dogs
  • Waterproof collar
  • The expandable area up to 5 acres
  • Easy to install

It is another great invisible fence by Petsafe perfect for smaller dogs. This is an underground type fence, which means that the wires have to be buried under land to set the boundaries.

The advantage of this is that it allows the user to customize the safe zone according to the property they own. This works best for lands with irregular shapes.

Covers a large area and allows expansion by the addition of extra wires. It is easy to install and comes with an instruction manual to guide through each step, so setting this system could be a fun project.

Additional Details

  • Covers about the 1/3-acre yard with 500 feet of wire.
  • 4 levels of correction and 2 modes of correction; the traditional static correction and a tone-only mode.
  • Comes with an automatic safety shut-off feature to avoid the pet from receiving high static correction. The static correction automatically goes off after 30 seconds.
  • The waterproof collar fits smaller dogs perfectly and could be expanded for larger breeds.
  • The battery-operated collar indicates when the battery is low
  • You can add extra Petsafe collars and increase the number of pets to be contained.
  • Comes with a warranty and efficient customer care service.
  • The packaging comes with: Transmitter with power adaptor, Ultralight in-ground fence adjustable collar, Surge protector, PetSafe RFA 67 battery,500 feet of wire and 50 training flags, Waterproof splice capsules and wire nuts, set of short and long contact points for short or long-haired pets, Test light tool, Product Manual


  • Has auto cut off system for safety
  • Low battery indicator
  • The area under containment can be expanded
  • Additional pets could be added to the containment system


  • Could be used for smaller areas best
  • The add on parts are expensive
  • Cheap components

7. Pet Control HQ Replacement Dog Collar Containment System


  • Remote-controlled shock collar
  • Covers up to 10 acres’ area
  • 2 modes of stimulation
  • Multiple levels of intensity
  • Controls multiple dogs

The HQ dog containment system is the best wireless fence system for multiple dogs. This is a unique fence system which comes to be very useful for pet owners with large areas to cover. This is a customizable fence; it is a wireless fence originally but it could be customized into an in-ground or in-ground fence system based on the requirements of the user.

It comes with multiple levels of correction to help the dog training be more efficient. This is an ideal fence for larger dog breeds.  Along with the safe area, the number of dogs under containment could also be increased with additional collars.

Additional Details

  • Combination fence, customizable from wireless to on-ground or in-ground fence which can expand up to 10 acres
  • Easy to install on-ground and in-ground fence lets you enjoy a dual-zone containment system. Comes with a 20gauge solid core wire for laying out the fence.
  • Comes with 2 modes of control and 10 levels of stimulation
  • The battery comes with long life, lasts about 3-7 days of training, and could be fully charged again in 2-3 hours.
  • When the dog reaches the boundary, the system responds with a 3 level automatic progressive correction.
  • The package includes: Waterproof, Rechargeable Remote Control, wall-mounted transmitter (with all cabling), USB Dual Splitter Charging Cable with power adaptor, 20-gauge insulated Electric Proximity Fence wire,50 training flags, Rechargeable & waterproof adjustable dog collar receiver, Short & long metal contact points, test light, Tools and connectors, Training Guide


  • Allows multiple dogs to be contained
  • Customizable wiring
  • Rechargeable battery with long life
  • All waterproof components


  • Does not have durability
  • The product quality needs improvement

8. Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence


  • Covers 20 acres of land
  • Safety shutoff feature
  • 3 modes of correction
  • Waterproof collar

This is an in-ground electric fence system that comes with the latest intelligent auto train technology. It can cover huge stretches of land. Comes with a safety shut off. This is highly durable and can resist harsh climatic conditions.

You can add unlimited collars to this and train a number of is completely submergible.

This is the best electric fence for larger dog breeds and perfects to set up in large areas of land. It comes with a warranty. This comes with so many features, this is one of the best invisible fences available.

Additional Details

  • It comes with a 500 feet industrial-grade solid copper wire which can extend up to 20 acres.
  • Comes with 3 modes of correction (tone, vibration, and static) and 7 levels of correction
  • The collars come with auto cut off system, which stops the static correction after 8 seconds.
  • The correction is automatic according to the dog
  • It can tolerate extreme weather conditions, can be submerged up to 3 feet underwater
  • Comes with a 1-year replacement warranty


  • Can cover larger areas of the field
  • Allows containment of multiple dogs
  • Comes with warranty
  • Strong wiring
  • Multiple levels of correction


  • The claims for durability may not be completely true
  • Takes up a lot of time.

9. Electric Dog Fence and Pet Containment System


  • Covers 1.2 acres of area
  • Waterproof collar
  • 5 correction levels
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.

The Sit Boo-Boo electric dog fence gives your dog the freedom it needs along with the safety you would like. This is an in-ground fence system, which can spread up to 1.2 acres. It helps you with your dog training without setting any distinct boundaries. It comes with the latest radio wave technology. Comes with all water-resistant components and a rechargeable battery.

Additional Details

  • It is a customizable fence. You can either bury the wires underground or above ground.
  • It comes with 2 modes of correction and 5 levels of correction for your stubborn pets.
  • Has 955 feet wire which could cover about 1.2 acres of your property in your desired way.
  • Comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and great customer care services.
  • Easy to set up and comes with a manual to guide through the process.


  • Allows you to add multiple dogs
  • Strong fence
  • Multiple levels of adjustment
  • Great customer service


  • Installation could be difficult even with the manual
  • Very sensitive, minor adjustment alters the boundary limits

10. DOGTEK 500ft Boundary Wire For Electronic Dog Fence System


  • 500ft perimeter wire
  • 8 levels of static stimulation
  • 2 modes of correction
  • Waterproof collar

This is a very complex fence system. It is an in-ground type of fence system, which means you have to bury the wires under the property. This feature allows us to customize the boundaries. It gives you control over what you want your dog’s needs to be. It comes with a waterproof collar that has multiple levels of correction. It has a long battery life and could be easily replaced.

Additional Details

  • The transmitter comes with 2 adjustable zones
  • The collar is fully waterproof and with 8 levels of correction and 2 modes of correction.
  • Battery life is as long as 6 month
  • Can accommodate multiple dogs in the containment zone.


  • Multiple levels of correction
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof collar


  • Not very durable
  • The components have to be replaced with original brand replacements which are expensive.

Buying Guide for The Best Invisible Dog Fence

Best Dog Invisible Fences

With so many options to choose from, it could get really difficult to choose one invisible fence for training your furry friend. We have come up with a user guide to help you through the selection process to buy the best invisible fence for your dog. The main goal is to buy a product that satisfies your needs or could be customized to meet your needs.

Why is it important to set boundaries?

We all want what’s best for our dog, we always make sure to provide them with the utmost care and protection, installing a fence is one of these things.

Dogs love to play around, and we all enjoy seeing our dogs enjoy playing in open fields, but this might not be the safest thing for the dog. Very often, dogs wander off to the roads, neighbor’s lawn, or sometimes just go missing. Setting up boundaries is important to protect the dog from any kind of danger.

Setting up boundaries also helps you in obedience training of your dog. You don’t want your dog running wild across the street, terrorizing the neighborhood, so always set boundaries and create containment zones for your dog.

Why invisible Dog fences?

Invisible fences are the new launch in the market, it hasn’t been long when they were launched. From time to time, improvements have been made in their quality, features, and cost. 

Traditional fences do serve the purpose of setting boundaries for your pet, but do they give any freedom to your dog? Traditional fences make the dog trapped and bound to the sides of the fences. They do not allow your dog to be trained properly. Traditional fences do not give enough exposure to the dog to explore and to get an idea about boundaries. With an invisible fence, the dog sees no visible boundary but after a little training the dog stops going beyond that boundary, this is how invisible fences could help you train your dog in terms of boundaries and control. It helps your dog with obedience training.

Our homes are getting modern, the interior, the exterior, and everything is getting sleek and aesthetic, however, traditional fences do not look attractive in any way. However, invisible fences give you a clear view of the outside world without any obstruction, which is a common problem with traditional fences. These invisible fences increase the value of your house, in case you want to sell it.

The traditional wooden fences are pretty expensive when compared to the latest invisible fences. Why spend so much on them when you can get your hands on these cost-effective options.

How to Choose the Best Invisible Dog Fence?

Best Dog Fences

There are a number of factors to keep in mind while investing in a fence, let us look through each one:

1. Underground, above ground, or wireless?

Each one of these has its advantages and drawbacks, you have to know what works for you.

Underground Fence: Also called the in-ground fence, are thick wires which are buried under the land along the desired area. This allows you to customize your boundary in the shape of your property, this is the best option for large areas. This type of fence gives you control over setting up the containment zones. With such fences, you can also create restriction areas in the safe zone. For example, if you want to restrict your dog from entering a certain area of your property, all you have to do is to twist and adjust the wires of the fence around that region and you can eliminate that area from your containment zone. The only problem with this type of fences is that one has to manually dig up and install these fences into the ground, this is not only a tiresome but also a time-consuming process.

Wireless Fences: Are the most ultra-fences available in the market. These fences allow you to create containment areas without having to put any wires. They come with a transmitter which allows the user to set a radius, the transmitter creates a circular playground on all sides with the given radius. These also come with flags that act as visual aids for dogs. Now, the problem with these is that they cannot be set up for larger areas. They cannot cover larger fields and properties. Another drawback to these is that they are highly sensitive to extreme temperature, climatic conditions, heavy metals exposures, and any amount of signal transmission. This means that even a little change in the temperature could lead to alteration of set boundaries or a total failure of the system. These fences perform best on leveled grounds; any steeps in between could alter the boundaries set previously. They are easy to set up, user friendly, and consume very little time to be installed. These are best when used for smaller fields.

On-Ground Fences: As the name suggests, are wired spread over the ground in customized patterns. These can be expanded by buying extra wires and adding them to the boundaries. These are easy to layout as well. The only problem with these is that they can be seen over the ground, you can cover them with grass but there are chances you could cut the wires accidentally while mowing the grass, and when the wires are exposed, children might trip on them and fall.

Now, if you have a larger area to be contained you should go with an in-ground fence or an in-ground fence, as these allow you to customize the boundaries according to the property. But if you do plan on getting a wireless fence for a large field, you can always add an extra transmitter and increase the coverage, but that would just be more expensive and not very practical in some cases.

2. The Collar

Dog Fence

The collar is the most important part of the fence system. The entire control system of the fence is based on the correction your dog receives through the collar. It is therefore very important to make sure that the collar is comfortable, made out of quality material, sits properly on your dog’s neck, and works properly.

Before you put it on your dog always make sure to test it on your hand to make sure it works fine to avoid any injuries to the dog. Also, make sure that the company allows you to purchase extra collars in case you own multiple dogs or you lose one collar. It is important that the collar is water-resistant and submersible because we all know our dogs enjoy a little playtime in puddles and we don’t want that to turn fatal.

3. Modes and levels of correction

Best Dog Fences

The invisible fences work on a simple principle, the dogs are corrected when they are near the end of their containment zone or either when they cross the containment zone.

Now, most of the latest fences come with 3 types of correction modes:

  • Tone only
  • Vibration
  • Static correction

The tone the only mode is very appreciated and most dogs don’t even need correction beyond that. What it does is that when the dog reaches near the end of the containment zone or crosses the containment zone, the collar produces an annoying beep tone that corrects the dog and the dog usually steps back.

If the tone does not do the job, the next mode is the vibration mode. The dog collar sends out vibrations that do not cause any pain or anything of that sort to the dog but it does guide the dog to step back into the containment zone. This works best on smaller breeds of dogs.

The last mode is static correction. Not everyone is a fan of this mode, a lot of people find this ethically wrong. Although it does not cause any damage when used properly, in the wrong hands this collar could lead to fatal situations. These stimulations often come with levels of correction, one should always begin with the lowest level and move further if that does not do the job. These static stimulations on a high range and over some time could lead to nerve problems for dogs, which is why pet lovers prefer not to use this mode. Keeping all this in mind, a lot of the latest models of collars have come up with multiple levels of correction and some of them even come with a safety cut off after a certain time. Professional dog trainers believe that static correction is the best way to train your dog with fast results. 

Now, this is a choice you have to make yourself but always buy a fence with multiple levels of correction and an auto cut off system.

4. Battery Backup and Surge Protector

Best Dog Fences Available In The Market

If you live in areas with frequent power cuts, it would be a wise decision to invest in a battery backup for your fence. Power backups turn out to be very useful in case your dog is outside during a power cut, now you don’t want your dog wandering off during a power cut.

A lot of feces come with surge protection. When lightning strikes in your area or somewhere nearby, it could potentially damage your fence. A surge protector helps you minimize this effect of a jolt from damaging your fence and the electric supply of your home.

  • Area coverage: Invisible fences come with different ranges of area coverage, no matter what your lawn size is, these fences got you covered. If you are planning on setting up a containment zone on a larger area, it is advised to install in-ground fences. These fences can be extended to several acres and work pretty efficiently even under large open areas. If you are planning on covering a smaller area you can go for a wireless fence. These fences mostly have a range for about 1-2 acres which is enough to provide a play area, but they do not function well when covering larger areas. But important thing is that no matter what you choose, you can always expand the range by adding additional devices in case of the wireless fence and extra wires in case of the in-ground fence.
  • Remote control: We all want our pets to listen and follow our commands, handheld remotes play a crucial role in this process. The handheld remote gives you a chance to personally correct your dog by monitoring the levels and modes of correction yourself. Even when the dog is indoors and has to be trained indoors you can use this remote to control the actions of the dog. In case you have an aggressive canine, this handheld remote could be of great use for its correction. Most of the fences have this handheld remote included, in case it doesn’t you might have to find some way to add this into the training process for complete control.
  • Installation: Wireless fences are the easiest to install. All you have to do is set up the transmitter in the center of the field and fix a range of areas and it automatically creates a circular containment zone in an hour or two. This does not give you control over the shape of your containment zone. The in-ground fences are much harder to install, setting up this system requires a lot of work and time. One has to physically dig out the land along the boundary to lay down the wires, and cover them up. Setting this system could take about 2-3 days of hard work.
  • Durability and quality: This entire system is set up for your pet dog, it deserves the best quality to ensure its safety. Any kind of flimsy setup could lead to risking your pet’s life, so you have to make sure you buy the best quality product. Check for reviews before you splurge into buying the product, compare different products to get a better insight. If you are spending so much money on buying this system, it is very important to make sure that the fences are durable and come with a warranty. Check for the components thoroughly, check the materials they are made out of, and carefully select the most durable one.
  • Visual aids: A lot of don’t like using harsh systems of correction for our dogs, this is when visual aids come into play. Visual aids are provided in the form of flags in these fences. These flags can be placed around the containment zone to give your dog an idea of the restricted area and if it works for your dog this could be the best available correction method.

Things to make sure of while using invisible fences:

Invisible fences make your work very easy and efficient and they cost less when compared to traditional fences. However, they come with a few drawbacks like any system.

The dog’s safety is the major concern with any system we use and even with this fence it is important that you look after your dog while it plays in the open, you make sure the collar is not too tight. It is important to check for the temperature outside before you let your dog play outside, always check the collar on your hand before you make your dog wear it. Train your dog with proper care and effort before you let them out to play free. Little things like this could save you from major, fatal incidents and keep you and your dog safe.

Editor’s Choice- Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System

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This is a very efficient and the best wireless fence system, which allows you to expand the range by adding extra transmitters, you can add extra collars for multiple pets, it is very portable and easy to carry, it comes with multiple correction options making it very comes with flags, which act as a visual aid so if static correction is not your thing you can always use these to train your pet. It comes with great features and it is one of the best of its is the best purchase for the price. Give your dog the best invisible fence in the market.


Your dog deserves the best quality products and so do you. Before you splurge into any product make sure to check for all the little details in it. While buying an invisible fence always check for durability, quality, collars, levels of correction, ease of installation, area to be covered, and most importantly a handheld remote.

An electric fence will make your life much easier and give you peace of mind. Once your dog gets trained with these fences there’s no going back and these fences last for ages so you don’t have to worry about replacing them frequently.

Install one of these and stay carefree, you know your dog is not going anywhere. But always make sure you don’t train your dog extensively and strain it, always use low levels of correction (especially in case of static correction), use comfortable accessories for guiding the dog and make sure that the collar is comfortable at all times and that it doesn’t stay on the dog for a long time. Follow little steps and buy the best invisible fence for your dog.

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